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Sea Section Competition Results 2022.

Sea Section December 48hr Results.

Bidefords 48 hour results

1st Nathan Clements Flounder 1lb 7 1/4

2nd Julien Stainer Flounder 1lb 6 7/8

3rd Stephen Found Flounder 1lb 6 5/8

Well done guys all done and dusted for another year thanks for all you're efforts.

Merry Christmas all

Final Points Position 48hr Comp.

Bideford Christmas Competition Results

66 angler's fished with 12 fish Caught.

1st M. Johns 1lb 6 3/4

2nd D. Bailey 1lb 6

3rd P. Downing 1lb 3 1/4

4th N. Braunton 1lb 3

5th P. Downing 1lb 2 1/4

6th S. Taylor 1lb

7th B. Maynard (junior) 15 1/2oz

8th R. Walker 14 3/4oz

9th M. John's 14 1/4oz

10th B. Maynard (junior) 12 3/4oz

11th D. Bailey 12oz

12th M. Cashmore 10oz

Well done to all the winners brilliant job it's been a difficult day's fishing.

Thank you very much to Paul and Lisa for organising all the sponsors and getting all the prizes brilliant job as always.

Thanks to all the sponsors we could not do it without your generous donations,

DS Electrical

Angler's Heaven

Quay sports


Devon Baits

Fat boy Fudge

Parkham Cheese

Honeys Butchers

James Grigg

Roy Andrews

Sorry if I've missed anyone out!!!

Thanks again all hope you have a brilliant Christmas see you for next year's competition





Sea Section December Rover Results

1st Andrew Clements Flounder 1lb 8 1/2 76.562%

Next competition Bidefords Christmas open the prize table is looking brilliant, there's a huge prize draw also.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Final Points Positions Monthly Rover.

Cyril Petherick Flounder Open Results.

32 anglers fished

15 fish weighed

Top 3 spots

1st Stephen Found 1lb 11 1/4

2nd Andrew Clements 1lb 7 3/4

3rd Stephen Found 1lb 7

Best junior just missing out on the prize table was Ivy McCourt with a lovely Flounder of 1lb 6 3/4.

Next open competition Bideford Christmas open on the 11th fishing 09:30-14:30 its going to be a big one as usual!!!!!!!

Thankyou all again for fishing see you on the 11th.   Click Here

Sea Section November 48hr Results.

1st Jon Stevens Spotted Ray 4lb 7 98.610%

2nd Jon Stevens Spotted Ray 3lb 13 1/2 85.416%

3rd Andrew Clements Dog 2lb 8 1/4 83.854%

Well done guys

Next competition Cyril Petherick Flounder open 27th November sign in up angler's heaven   Click Here

Sea Section November Rover Results

November Rover Results

No fish weighed

Next competition 48-hour 18th/19th/20th better luck next time.

Click Here

Sea Section October 48hr Results.

14 angler's fished

No fish weighed !!!

Stay safe guys

Next Competition 6th November Rover. Click Here.

Sea Section October Rover Results

1st Antony Smith Thornback Ray 12lb 8 138.888%

2nd Nathan Clements Bull Huss 8lb 14 1/2 89.062%

3rd Andrew Clements Thornback Ray 7lb 10 84.722%

Well done guys

Next competition 48-hour 14th/15th/16th October.  Click Here

Sea Section September 48hr Results

14 angler's fished

2 fish caught

1st Graham Snow Thinlipped Mullet 4lb 6 1/2 110.156%

2nd Graham Snow Thinlipped Mullet 3lb 6 1/2 85.156%

Well done snow still got it

Next competition. Click Here

October monthly rover 02/10/22

Sea Section September Rover Results

1st Stephen Found Thick Lipped Mullet 4lb 2 103 125%

2nd Andrew Clements Thick Lipped Mullet 3lb 10 1/2 91.406%

3rd Stephen Found Thick Lipped Mullet 3lb 4 81.250%

Well done guys it's been a difficult day

Next Comp Click Here

Mike Squires Memorial Competition Results

Bass Competition

7 angler's fished 5 fish caught

1st Nathan Clements 4lb

2nd Nathan Clements 3lb 2 1/2

3rd Antony Smith 2lb 14

£35.05 was collected in donations for cancer research.

Sea Section August 48hr Results

11 angler's fished

10 fish weighed

1st Richard Jefferies Conger 22lb 8 112.500%

2nd Andrew Clements Thornback Ray 9lb 12 1/2

3rd Graham Snow Thicklipped Mullet 4lb 100%

Well done all some good fish caught.

Next competition Friday 26th August.

Westward Ho beach bass competition open

In memory of Mike squires senior

Meet up slipway car park 20:30-21:00

Fishing 22:00-02:00

Back to the carpark 02:30

(Weather permitting)

£5 entry

Taking donations for cancer research

Click Here

Sea Section August Rover Results

13 angler's fished 3 fish caught

1st Tony Gussin wrasse 4lb 0 1/2 89.582%

2nd Stephen Found thicklipped mullet 3lb 2 78.125%

3rd Tony Gussin wrasse 3lb 3 70.832%

Well done guys

Next competition 48 hour 19th/20th/21st August.

Click Here

Sea Section July 48hr Results

1st Julien Stainer smoothound 10lb 13 108.125%

2nd Andrew Clements thicklipped mullet 3lb 14 96.875%

3rd Richard Jefferies bass 5lb 11 81.250%

Well done guys it's been a difficult weekend

Next competition monthly rover August 7th

Click Here

Sea Section July Rover Results

13 fished 5 fish caught

1st Richard Jefferies Smooth Hound 12lb 5 123.125%

2nd Andrew Clements Smooth Hound 11lb 6 113.750%

3rd Andrew Clements Thick Lipped Mullet 4lb 1 1/2 102.344%

4th Terry Dymond Smooth Hound 9lb 11 96.875%

5th Antony Smith Thick Lipped Mullet 3lb 5 1/2 83.594%

Well done guys some good fish caught.

Next competition 48-hour 15th/16th/17th July.  Click Here

Sea Section June 48- Results

1st Andrew Clements mackerel 1lb 8 3/4 123.750%

2nd Jon Stevens Smooth Hound 10lb 10 1/2 106.562

3rd Graham Snow Thick lipped mullet 4lb 4 106.250%

Well done guys Next competition July Rover 03/07  Click Here

Sea Section June Rover Results

11 angler's fished

3 fish weighed

1st Antony Smith Smooth Hound 10lb 11 1/2 107.187%

2nd Andrew Clements Small Eyed Ray 9lb 10 106.994%

3rd Jon Stevens Small Eyed Ray 8lb 12 1/2 97.569%

Well done guys 3 good fish caught

Next competition 48 hour 17th/18th/19th June  Click Here

Sea Section May 48-hour Results

10 angler's fished

3 fish weighed

1st Julien Stainer Bull Huss 10lb 12 1/2 107.812%

2nd Julien Stainer Bull Huss 10lb 8 1/2 105.312%

3rd Antony Smith Thornback Ray 6lb 14 1/2 76.736%

Well done guys

Next competition June rover 05/06/22

Click Here

Sea Section May Rover Results

13 angler's fished 5 fish caught

1st Stephen Found Bull Huss 15lb 4 1/2 152.812%

2nd Nathan Clements Thornback Ray 7lb 12 1/2 86.485%

3rd Paul Ackland Smoothound 7lb 10 1/2 76.562%

4th Stephen Found Spotted Ray 3lb 4 72.222%

5th Antony Smith Thornback Ray 6lb 7 71.527%

Well done guys some nice fish caught

Next competition the 13/14/15th of May we have changed our 24 hour competition to 48-hours now.

19:00 Friday- 19:00 Sunday  Click Here

All the best cheers

Sea Section April 24 hour Results

11 angler's fished 1 fish caught

1st Julien Stainer Small Eyed Ray 9lb 9 106.250%

Well done julien

Next competition monthly rover 1st May

Click Here

Sea Section April Rover Results

1st Antony Smith Small Eyed Ray 8lb 1 89.583%

2nd Elliot Clements Dog 1lb 15 1/4 65.104

Well done guys I must admit I was expecting more

Next competition 24hour 16/17 April

Click Here

Sea Section March 24 hour results

1st Andrew Clements Bull Huss 15lb 11 1/4 157.031%

2nd Antony Smith Dog 2lb 3 72.916%

3rd Antony Smith Dog 2lb 2 1/2 71.875%

Well done guys

Next competition monthly rover 03/04/22

Click Here

Massive Bull Huss Wins Bideford Competition

Andrew Clements won Bideford Angling Clubs twenty-four hour rover with a massive Bull Huss scaling 15lb 11.25oz. The fish was caught from a North Devon rock mark and is one of the biggest Huss caught from the North Devon Coast in recent decades.  20/03/2022.

Sea Section Feb. 24 hour results

1st Nathan Clements Dog 1lb 15 1/2 65.625%

Another poor weekend unfortunately.

Next competition March Rover 06/03/22 Click Here

February rover and end of season results.

1st N/A...

2nd N/A.......

3rd N/A.........

Well done Keep up the good work guys

Next competition 24 hour 19/20th February. Click here

Sea Section Jan Codling Results

Codling competition results

1st Dick Talbot cod 6lb 3 68.750%

Well done Mr Talbot

Next competition February rover 6th + end of season 2021. Click Here

Sea Section Jan 24hr Results.

12 angers fished, 3 fish caught.

1st: Anthony Smith Dog 2Ib 1oz  68.750%

2nd: Andrew Clements Dog 2Ib  1/2oz  67.708%

3rd: Stephen Found, Pouting 1Ib  66.666%

Fishing didn't exactly meet expectations but well

done to the 3 that caught, something big enough

to weigh in. Fingers crossed things pick up.

Next Competition See Competition Dates,

Click Here.

Sea Section Jan Rover results

11 angler's fished

1 fish caught

1st Andrew Clements Whiting 1lb & 3/4 69.791%

Hopefully we all have better luck next weekend

Next competition 24 hour 15/16th Jan

Sea Section March Rover Results

1st Nathan Clements Bull Huss 12lb 5 123.125%

2nd Nathan Clements Bull Huss 7lb 5 73.125%

3rd Stephen Found Dog 1lb 15 1/4

Next competition 24 hour 19/20 March

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