Sea Section Competition Results 2022.

Sea Section September 48hr Results

14 angler's fished

2 fish caught

1st Graham Snow Thinlipped Mullet 4lb 6 1/2 110.156%

2nd Graham Snow Thinlipped Mullet 3lb 6 1/2 85.156%

Well done snow still got it

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October monthly rover 02/10/22

Sea Section September Rover Results

1st Stephen Found Thick Lipped Mullet 4lb 2 103 125%

2nd Andrew Clements Thick Lipped Mullet 3lb 10 1/2 91.406%

3rd Stephen Found Thick Lipped Mullet 3lb 4 81.250%

Well done guys it's been a difficult day

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Mike Squires Memorial Competition Results

Bass Competition

7 angler's fished 5 fish caught

1st Nathan Clements 4lb

2nd Nathan Clements 3lb 2 1/2

3rd Antony Smith 2lb 14

£35.05 was collected in donations for cancer research.

Sea Section August 48hr Results

11 angler's fished

10 fish weighed

1st Richard Jefferies Conger 22lb 8 112.500%

2nd Andrew Clements Thornback Ray 9lb 12 1/2

3rd Graham Snow Thicklipped Mullet 4lb 100%

Well done all some good fish caught.

Next competition Friday 26th August.

Westward Ho beach bass competition open

In memory of Mike squires senior

Meet up slipway car park 20:30-21:00

Fishing 22:00-02:00

Back to the carpark 02:30

(Weather permitting)

£5 entry

Taking donations for cancer research

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Sea Section August Rover Results

13 angler's fished 3 fish caught

1st Tony Gussin wrasse 4lb 0 1/2 89.582%

2nd Stephen Found thicklipped mullet 3lb 2 78.125%

3rd Tony Gussin wrasse 3lb 3 70.832%

Well done guys

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Current Points Positions Monthly Rover.

Sea Section July 48hr Results

1st Julien Stainer smoothound 10lb 13 108.125%

2nd Andrew Clements thicklipped mullet 3lb 14 96.875%

3rd Richard Jefferies bass 5lb 11 81.250%

Well done guys it's been a difficult weekend

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Current Points Position 48hr Comp.

Sea Section July Rover Results

13 fished 5 fish caught

1st Richard Jefferies Smooth Hound 12lb 5 123.125%

2nd Andrew Clements Smooth Hound 11lb 6 113.750%

3rd Andrew Clements Thick Lipped Mullet 4lb 1 1/2 102.344%

4th Terry Dymond Smooth Hound 9lb 11 96.875%

5th Antony Smith Thick Lipped Mullet 3lb 5 1/2 83.594%

Well done guys some good fish caught.

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Sea Section June 48- Results

1st Andrew Clements mackerel 1lb 8 3/4 123.750%

2nd Jon Stevens Smooth Hound 10lb 10 1/2 106.562

3rd Graham Snow Thick lipped mullet 4lb 4 106.250%

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Sea Section June Rover Results

11 angler's fished

3 fish weighed

1st Antony Smith Smooth Hound 10lb 11 1/2 107.187%

2nd Andrew Clements Small Eyed Ray 9lb 10 106.994%

3rd Jon Stevens Small Eyed Ray 8lb 12 1/2 97.569%

Well done guys 3 good fish caught

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Sea Section May 48-hour Results

10 angler's fished

3 fish weighed

1st Julien Stainer Bull Huss 10lb 12 1/2 107.812%

2nd Julien Stainer Bull Huss 10lb 8 1/2 105.312%

3rd Antony Smith Thornback Ray 6lb 14 1/2 76.736%

Well done guys

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Sea Section May Rover Results

13 angler's fished 5 fish caught

1st Stephen Found Bull Huss 15lb 4 1/2 152.812%

2nd Nathan Clements Thornback Ray 7lb 12 1/2 86.485%

3rd Paul Ackland Smoothound 7lb 10 1/2 76.562%

4th Stephen Found Spotted Ray 3lb 4 72.222%

5th Antony Smith Thornback Ray 6lb 7 71.527%

Well done guys some nice fish caught

Next competition the 13/14/15th of May we have changed our 24 hour competition to 48-hours now.

19:00 Friday- 19:00 Sunday  Click Here

All the best cheers

Sea Section April 24 hour Results

11 angler's fished 1 fish caught

1st Julien Stainer Small Eyed Ray 9lb 9 106.250%

Well done julien

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Sea Section April Rover Results

1st Antony Smith Small Eyed Ray 8lb 1 89.583%

2nd Elliot Clements Dog 1lb 15 1/4 65.104

Well done guys I must admit I was expecting more

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Sea Section March 24 hour results

1st Andrew Clements Bull Huss 15lb 11 1/4 157.031%

2nd Antony Smith Dog 2lb 3 72.916%

3rd Antony Smith Dog 2lb 2 1/2 71.875%

Well done guys

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Massive Bull Huss Wins Bideford Competition

Andrew Clements won Bideford Angling Clubs twenty-four hour rover with a massive Bull Huss scaling 15lb 11.25oz. The fish was caught from a North Devon rock mark and is one of the biggest Huss caught from the North Devon Coast in recent decades.  20/03/2022.

Sea Section Feb. 24 hour results

1st Nathan Clements Dog 1lb 15 1/2 65.625%

Another poor weekend unfortunately.

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February rover and end of season results.

1st N/A...

2nd N/A.......

3rd N/A.........

Well done Keep up the good work guys

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Sea Section Jan Codling Results

Codling competition results

1st Dick Talbot cod 6lb 3 68.750%

Well done Mr Talbot

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Sea Section Jan 24hr Results.

12 angers fished, 3 fish caught.

1st: Anthony Smith Dog 2Ib 1oz  68.750%

2nd: Andrew Clements Dog 2Ib  1/2oz  67.708%

3rd: Stephen Found, Pouting 1Ib  66.666%

Fishing didn't exactly meet expectations but well

done to the 3 that caught, something big enough

to weigh in. Fingers crossed things pick up.

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Sea Section Jan Rover results

11 angler's fished

1 fish caught

1st Andrew Clements Whiting 1lb & 3/4 69.791%

Hopefully we all have better luck next weekend

Next competition 24 hour 15/16th Jan

Sea Section March Rover Results

1st Nathan Clements Bull Huss 12lb 5 123.125%

2nd Nathan Clements Bull Huss 7lb 5 73.125%

3rd Stephen Found Dog 1lb 15 1/4

Next competition 24 hour 19/20 March

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