BDAC  Proposed Disciplinary Procedure


If at any time any member of the club including any fishing member, bailiff or committee member wishes to make any complaint about the conduct of any other member, they should in the first instance contact the secretary of the club on ( The Secretary shall then as soon as practicably possible contact the committee to establish whether a disciplinary meeting needs to be held, if it is thought that a meeting should be held, then the chairman shall call one within 10 days

If the situation is deemed serious enough, the accused person, can at the committee’s discretion, be temporarily suspended before the disciplinary meeting is held.

The person making the complaint and the accused should be invited to the meeting to give their respective version of events.

Any sanctions imposed by the committee shall be put in writing to the accused, within a week of the decision, these sanctions can vary from a verbal warning, suspension of membership to a life ban, as seen fit by the committee.

The accused may appeal within a week if any new evidence becomes available.

21st July 2022