Feeder League Results

BDAC May Monthly Feeder League Results Tarka Swim's 15 Fished

BDAC 2nd monthly coarse feeder match date 15th may 15 anglers fished.Fishing was very hard going again today with only 12 anglers weighing in 1st place went again to Keith Copland on peg 10 who managed to put together a catch of mixed fish to weigh in 13lbs 1oz he was using maggot over micro pellet on the feeder 2nd place was John lisle with 10lbs 6oz 3rd was Cyril Found with 6lbs 10oz and 4th went to Martin Turner with 4lbs 6oz .

The next feeder match will be on June 19th

Current feeder league standings,

BDAC April Monthly Feeder League Results Tarka Swim's 11 Fished

BDAC coarse feeder match date 17th April 11 anglers fish the first feeder match, fishing was very hard going with the fish not wanting to feed much. All 11 anglers caught fish but weight was low. 1st place went Keith Copland on peg 11 who managed to put together a catch of small Carp to get him 8lbs 14 oz he was fishing a small feeder with 3 maggots on the hook. 2nd was John lisle on peg 17 with 7lbs 5oz with a mixed net of fish. 3rd was Keith Mountjoy on peg 6 with 4lbs 13oz and 4th was John Lane on peg 15 with 3lbs 10oz

Next Match May 15th Tarka Swim's

For those of you that are interested in the feeder league, good news is the club have given us permission to go ahead, but we have got a couple of changes, to allow us to put carp in keep nets it’s got to be run as an open to all paid members and limited to 12, so it will be the first 12 to enter and as we may not get the same 12 each month we will be paying out to the top 3 places each month, we will still be doing a point’s system. The match will be put up on the Monday before at 18.00.

Draw will be 07.30 sharp

Fishing 08.30 to 13.30

£5 entry fee NO super pool

All carp over 1lb to be kept in a separate net

Please remember that this is not a turn up and enter, if you are not on list of 12 you can’t fish the match ( can’t stop you fishing for pleasure though)

It’s a rolling draw so you pick which peg to fish in order of the number you pull out of the bag

Dates Are 

April 17th

May 15th

June 19th

July 17th

August 21st

Sept 18th