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Midweek Evening Series Results                   2022

Bideford And District Angling Club Evening Pairs Competition 17 Fished


1st Nathan Underwood Daz Polden 37lb 7oz

2nd Richard Jefferies Craig Crash Lamey 31lb 12oz

3rd Mike Snudden Keith Copland 28lb 7oz

4th Cyril Found Roger Ackroyd 28lb 2oz

5th Les Polden Sheila Found 25lb 8oz

6th Mike Ellis Keith Mountjoy 24lb 1oz

17 fished

The final evening match for the summer of 2022 was fished from 6 till 9, and once again Tarka has fished very well in pleasant cooler conditions.

This competition was a drawn pairs event.

Paste fishing has again been the dominant tactic tempting the smaller Carp and Tench .

Nathan and Darren combined weight has secured victory on pegs 18 and 22.

Richard and Craig have finished second pair from pegs 6 and 15.

Our next senior event will be the August monthly competition.

Bideford And District Angling Club Evening Competition No 10 19 Fished

1st Nathan Underwood 19lb 10oz

4th Stephen Craker 13lb 4oz

2nd Richard Jefferies 17lb 10oz

5th Roger Ackroyd 11lb 10oz

3rd Keith Mountjoy 16lb 11oz

6th Cyril Found 11lb 5oz

Our final Midweek Competition has been won by the league leader Nathan, this concludes a successful campaign, putting him well clear of second placed Martin Turner.

The winning method was paste fished on the pole from peg 24, his net was mainly smaller Carp and Tench.

Richard's second place was taken on the method feeder from peg 6 and Keith has pole fished for third place on peg 19.

After a very warm day conditions, for the evening event, were pleasantly cool .

Final League Standings

Congratulations To Nathan Underwood Winning The Summer Evening Series

Bideford And District Angling Club Evening Competition N0 9 17 Fished

1st Nathan Underwood 27lb 12oz

4th Martin Turner 12lb 2oz

2nd Keith Mountjoy 21lb 4oz

5th Keith Copland 11lb 13oz

3rd Cyril Found 12lb 8oz

6th Warren Thornton 10lb 2oz

The penultimate match in the summer series has been won by our league leader. Nathan, his chosen tactic was paste fished on the edge of the weed bed on peg 16, for a cracking net of mainly Carp.

Keith has also used paste baits on peg 24 to claim 2nd spot.

The Tench and skimmers have failed to show tonight, leaving some what lower weights in the minor places.

Nathan extends his lead to 4 points .

Saturday see's the BDAC Team fish away to Plymouth and District Coarse Angling Club, on Milemead Fishery

Bideford And District Angling Club Evening Competition N0 8 16 Fished

1st Kevin Shears 21lb 12oz

4th Nathan Underwood 16lb 4oz

2nd Martin Turner 18lb 15oz

4th Les Polden 16lb 4oz

3rd Stephen Craker 16lb 10oz

6th Mike Snudden 12lb 6oz

This evening's 3 hour event was won by Kevin on peg 2 in the shallower end, his mixed bag was taken on caster and maggot on the pole, Martin's second place net off peg 19 was made up of mainly Bream and Tench.

Stephen fished on peg 4 with soft pellet for 3rd. Nathan's joint 4th with Les insures he retains pole position in the league with 2 matches remaining.

Bideford And District Angling Club Evening Competition No 7 19 Fished

1st Les Polden 29lb

4th Richard Jefferies 18lb 9oz

2nd Cyril Found 26lb 7oz

5th Keith Copland 16lb

3rd Nathan Underwood 19lb 15oz

6th Kevin Shears 14lb 14oz

A hot evening, the day after the summer equinox, saw club members gather for the 7th round of the series. Les continues his good form with a winning catch of bream, Tench and Carp off peg 21 long pole worm over ground bait tactics.

Cyril came in second on peg 14, feeder to the cage and pole and paste, caught a nice bag of mainly decent Carp. Nathan, who now leads the league, landed a mainly Tench and Carp net on paste and worm baits,

Richard's all Carp 4th place was taken on meat.

Bideford And District Angling Club Evening Competition No 6 17 Fished

1st Les Polden 25lb 8oz

4th Mike Snudden 19lb 3oz

2nd Nathan Underwood 23lb 1oz

5th Craig Craig Crash Lamey 19lb

3rd Martin Turner 21lb 11oz

6th Warren Thornton 18 lb 10oz

Our summer league is just past the half stage, and once again George's lake has provided another close finish.

The winner, inform,Les has put together a lovely mixed net with some better skimmers off peg 22, fishing just short of the island, long pole and worms over ground bait.

The still conditions allowed Nathan to fish out to the bar on peg 17 with a long pole and worms, his net was mainly made up of small carp.

Martin's 3rd place keeps him just on top of the league table.

Bideford And District Angling Club Evening Competition No 5 15 Fished

1st Nathan Underwood 26lb 7oz

4th Craig Crash Lamey 20lb 8oz

2nd Cyril Found 25lb 5oz

5th Martin Turner 20lb 5oz

3rd Keith Mountjoy 22lb 4oz

6th Richard Jefferies 14lb 11oz

This evening's competition was fished in a brisk Northwesterly breeze, blowing up towards the shallower end of George's lake.

Paste fishing has been the most successful method , Nathan's winning catch came off peg 19, the next three places have also been on the paste. Cyril's second spot was taken on peg 15 and included several decent carp..

Our next match is the regular monthly ,on Sunday 12th June.

Bideford and District Angling Club Evening competition No 4 15 Fished

1st Roger Ackroyd 19lb 3oz

3rd Cyril Found 14lb 5oz

2nd Martin Turner 18lb 6oz

5th Keith Copland 13lb 9oz

3rd Les Polden 14lb 5oz

6th Keith Mountjoy 12lb 13oz

The members enjoyed another warm still evening competition on George's lake at Tarka Swims.

The weights were close , with bonus carp needed to make the frame. Rogers return, after a bout of COVID, proved worthwhile, taking the honours with a couple of edge caught carp on corn added to his net on peg 6.

Martin extended his lead in the league with second place off peg 17 his net included a decent F1 .

Cyril on peg 16 and Les on peg 26 tied for 3rd spot.

Bideford and District Angling Club Evening competition No.3 16 Fished.