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Presentation Night 2022

Big well done to all the winners of 2022 who have all been recognised and celebrated at our annual presentation night. Big thank you to our guests Wayne Thomas, Simon McCarthy, and Chris Connaughton - Mono for presenting trophies, and helping the night go really well. Massive congratulations to our club man of the year, Nathan Clements who does a fantastic job running our shore fishing section.

Club man of the year was Nathan Clements who does a sterling job running the clubs shore fishing section.


Monthly Competition Champion : Nathan Underwood

Runner-up Craig Lamey

Third Keith Mountjoy

Midweek Series: Winner Nathan Underwood Runner up Martin Turner

Best bag in competition Richard Jefferies

Pairs winners Nathan Underwood and Darren Polden Junior series winner Imogen Babb Runner up Hope Polden.


Valentine bowl – most points in the Monthly Rover.

Andrew Clements  54 points

Keira Short trophy – most points in 48 hour rover.

Julien Stainer + Andrew Clements  13 points

Stephanie Vanstone  – Best specimen caught from the shore.

Stephen Found thick-lipped mullet 7lb 175% 5th August

Jason Talbot memorial plate – Best specimen ray caught from the shore.

Antony Smith Thornback Ray 12lb 8 138.888% 2nd October

Snake Plate – best specimen Conger caught from the shore.

Richard Jefferies Conger eel 22lb 8 112.5% 21st August

Best round fish from the shore

Stephen Found thick-lipped mullet 7lb 175% 5th August

Best specimen flat fish caught from the shore ( no ray)

Stephen Found Flounder  1lb 11 ¼  86.156%

Best specimen shark from the shore.

Andrew Clements Bull Huss  15lb 11 ¼ 157.041% 29th March

Winner of end of season competition

Stephen Found spur 14lb 1 ½ 140.937%  29th January 2023

Big Mike Memorial vase

Nathan Clements bass 4lb 27th August

GAMES FISHING SECTION – Competition League

1st- John McCulham 34pts

2nd- Dan Lock 32pts

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