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Sea Section Competition Results 2023

June re arranged 48 hour

1st Julien Stainer Smooth Hound 11lb 10 1/2 116.562%

2nd Antony Smith Smooth Hound 8lb 10 86.250%

3rd Paul Ackland Smooth Hound 8lb 1 1/2 80.937%

Next competition monthly rover 18th June

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May 48 hour results

1st Antony Smith Smooth Hound 10lb 9 1/2 105.937%

2nd Julien Stainer Smooth Hound 10lb 6 103.750%

3rd Andrew Clements Thick lipped Mullet 3lb 13 95.312%

Other fish

Antony Smith Smooth Hound 7lb 5

Nathan Clements Smooth Hound 7lb 13 1/2

Graham Snow Thick lipped Mullet 3lb 11 1/2

Paul Ackland Smooth Hound 7lb 8 1/2

Well done guys nice to see some fish

Next competition June's re arranged 48 hours 2/3/4th June.

Also Combe Martins Putsborough open Saturday night.

May Rover Results

1st Stephen Found Smalleyed Ray 10lb 8 116.666%

2nd Richard Jefferies Blonde Ray 9lb 4 77.083%

3rd Terry Dymond Smooth Hound 7lb 4 72.5%

Well done guys next competition 48 hour 19/20/21st May

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April's 48-hour results

1st Stephen Found Smalleyed Ray 9lb 3 102.083%

2nd Andrew Clements Smalleyed Ray 8lb 9 1/4


Well done guys good work

Next competition May Rover 7-5-23

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April Rover Results

1st Stephen Found Smalleyed Ray 13lb 6 /4 148.958%

2nd Andrew Clements Smalleyed Ray 11lb 3 1/2 124.652%

3rd Stephen Found Smalleyed Ray 10lb 14 1/4 121.006%

4th Andrew Clements Smalleyed Ray 10lb 8 1/4 116.839%

5th Antony Smith Thornback Ray 7lb 7 3/4 83.159%

Well done guys some good fish caught

Well done Steve on the new club record.

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March 48-hour Competition Results

1st Nathan Clements Thornback Ray 10lb 14 120.833%

2nd Antony Smith Thornback Ray 6lb 10 1/4 73.784%

Next competition monthly rover 2nd April

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March Rover Results

1st Andrew Clements Small Eyed Ray 9lb 5 103.472%

2nd Nathan Clements Bull Huss 7lb 3 3/4 72.343%

Next competition 48 hour 17th/18th/19th March.  Click Here

February 48-hour results

1st Andrew Clements Pouting 1lb 2 3/4 78.125%

Next competition March Rover 05/03/23

Tight lines.  Click Here

February Rover results

1st Antony Smith Bull Huss 7lb 9 75.625%

2nd Andrew Clements Dog 2lb 3 72.916%

Well done guys was a lovely day for it

Next competition 17/18/19th Feb

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End of season results for 2022

1st Stephen Found Spur 14lb 1 1/2 140.937%

2nd Julien Stainer Dog 2lb 7 1/2 82.291%

Well done guys conditions where fine just not many fish caught

Next competition 05/02/23

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January 48-hour results

7 angler's fished

1 fish weighed

1st Stephen Found Smalleyed Ray 9lb 4 102.777%

Next competition end of season Competition 27/28/29th Jan

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January Rover Results

9 angler's fished

1 fished weighed

1st Stephen Found Dog 2lb 3 1/2

Next competition 48 hour 13/14/15th

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