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Sea Section Competition Results 2023

Cyril Petherick Flounder open results.

22 Angler's fished

Only 8 fish weighed

1st Andrew Clements Flounder 1lb 4

2nd Nathan Clements Flounder 1lb 1 1/2

3rd Stephen Found Flounder 1lb 1 1/4

It's safe to say weather conditions proved to be difficult for fishing today.

The rivers still seem to be full of small bass stripping baits.

Next competition monthly rover Sunday 3rd December

Next open Flounder competition Saturday 2nd December see Nick Braunton for details.

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November's Rover Results

1st Stephen Found Flounder 2lb 4 112.4%

2nd Jon Stevens Thornback Ray 101.041%

3rd joint Andrew Clements Stephen Found Flounder 1lb 13 1/2 92.187%

Well done guys next competition 48 hour 17/18/19th also Cyril Petherick open 19th

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October's 48 hour results

Only 1 fish weighed

1st Andrew Clements Wrasse 3lb 13 1/2 85.416%

Next competition monthly rover 5/11/23

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October Rover Results

1st Jon Stevens Bull Huss 10lb 8 105%

2nd Antony Smith Dog 2lb 3 1/4 73.437%

Well done guys next club competition 48-hour 13/14/15th Click Here

Dan Redmore memorial competition next weekend see photo attached.

September 48-hour Results

1st Stephen Found Smooth Hound 13lb 11 136.875%

2nd Andrew Clements Smooth Hound 12lb 4 122.5%

3rd Nathan Clements Smooth Hound 8lb 12 1/2 87.812%

Next competition October Rover 01-10-23

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Mike Squires Memorial Competition Results.

1st Jake Moule Smoothhound 7lb 10 76.250%

2nd Paul Ackland Bass 4lb 1 58.035%

3rd Julien Stainer Bass 3lb 10 51.785%

Well done guys was a difficult night

Next competition 48-hour 15/16/17th

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September Rover Results 03-09-23

1st Nathan Clements Smoothhound 12lb 4 1/4 122.812%

2nd Stephen Found Smoothhound 11lb 8 115%

3rd Antony Smith Smoothhound 9lb 5 1/2 93.437%

4th Nathan Clements Bull Huss 9lb 3 1/2

5th Jenson kiff (junior) Smoothhound 9lb 2 91.250%

6th Tony Gussin Wrasse 4lb 1 90.277

Well done guys some good fish caught again. Next Comp Click Here

August 48-hour results

1st Nathan Clements Gilt head bream 8lb 2 1/4 203.515%

2nd Tony Gussin Smoothhound 13lb 15 1/2 139.687%

3rd Tony Gussin Smoothhound 12lb 6 123.750%

Other fish caught

Jon Stevens Smalleyed Ray 10lb 12 1/2

Julien Stainer Smoothhounds 10lb 5 + 10lb 15

Andrew Clements Smoothhound 10lb 5

Antony Smith Smoothhound 11lb 7

Absolutely fantastic weekend fishing I'm still lost for words.

Next competition monthly rover 3rd September

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August Rover Results

1st Jon Stevens Smooth Hound 10lb 10 106.250%

2nd Jon Stevens Smooth Hound 10lb 1 100.625%

3rd Andrew Clements Small Eyed Ray 8lb 14 1/2 98.958%

4th Antony Smith Smooth Hound 8lb 11 1/2 87.187%

Well done guys next competition 48 hour 18/19/20th August. Click Here

July 48 hour results

1st Andrew Clements Thick Lipped Mullet 4lb 2 1/4 103.515%

2nd Paul Ackland Smoot Hound 9lb 9 1/2 95.937%

Well done guys next competition monthly rover August 6th. Click Here

July's Rover results

1st Stephen Found Thick Lipped Mullet 4lb 13 121.094%

2nd Jon Stevens Spotted Ray 3lb 11 1/2 82.638%

Well done guys...

Next competition 48 hour 14/15/16th July

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June's re arranged rover

1st Antony Smith Smooth hound 12lb 2 1/2 121.250%

2nd (junior) Jenson Kiff Smooth hound 8lb 2 81.250%

3rd Richard Jefferies Smooth hound 8lb 1 80.625%

4th (junior) Jenson Kiff Smooth hound 7lb 70%

Well done guys especially well done to Jenson our first junior we have had In a sea competition for a long time.

Next competition July rover 02/07/23

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June re arranged 48 hour

1st Julien Stainer Smooth Hound 11lb 10 1/2 116.562%

2nd Antony Smith Smooth Hound 8lb 10 86.250%

3rd Paul Ackland Smooth Hound 8lb 1 1/2 80.937%

Next competition monthly rover 18th June

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May 48 hour results

1st Antony Smith Smooth Hound 10lb 9 1/2 105.937%

2nd Julien Stainer Smooth Hound 10lb 6 103.750%

3rd Andrew Clements Thick lipped Mullet 3lb 13 95.312%

Other fish

Antony Smith Smooth Hound 7lb 5

Nathan Clements Smooth Hound 7lb 13 1/2

Graham Snow Thick lipped Mullet 3lb 11 1/2

Paul Ackland Smooth Hound 7lb 8 1/2

Well done guys nice to see some fish

Next competition June's re arranged 48 hours 2/3/4th June.

Also Combe Martins Putsborough open Saturday night.

May Rover Results

1st Stephen Found Smalleyed Ray 10lb 8 116.666%

2nd Richard Jefferies Blonde Ray 9lb 4 77.083%

3rd Terry Dymond Smooth Hound 7lb 4 72.5%

Well done guys next competition 48 hour 19/20/21st May

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April's 48-hour results

1st Stephen Found Smalleyed Ray 9lb 3 102.083%

2nd Andrew Clements Smalleyed Ray 8lb 9 1/4


Well done guys good work

Next competition May Rover 7-5-23

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April Rover Results

1st Stephen Found Smalleyed Ray 13lb 6 /4 148.958%

2nd Andrew Clements Smalleyed Ray 11lb 3 1/2 124.652%

3rd Stephen Found Smalleyed Ray 10lb 14 1/4 121.006%

4th Andrew Clements Smalleyed Ray 10lb 8 1/4 116.839%

5th Antony Smith Thornback Ray 7lb 7 3/4 83.159%

Well done guys some good fish caught

Well done Steve on the new club record.

Next Comp  Click Here

March 48-hour Competition Results

1st Nathan Clements Thornback Ray 10lb 14 120.833%

2nd Antony Smith Thornback Ray 6lb 10 1/4 73.784%

Next competition monthly rover 2nd April

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March Rover Results

1st Andrew Clements Small Eyed Ray 9lb 5 103.472%

2nd Nathan Clements Bull Huss 7lb 3 3/4 72.343%

Next competition 48 hour 17th/18th/19th March.  Click Here

February 48-hour results

1st Andrew Clements Pouting 1lb 2 3/4 78.125%

Next competition March Rover 05/03/23

Tight lines.  Click Here

February Rover results

1st Antony Smith Bull Huss 7lb 9 75.625%

2nd Andrew Clements Dog 2lb 3 72.916%

Well done guys was a lovely day for it

Next competition 17/18/19th Feb

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End of season results for 2022

1st Stephen Found Spur 14lb 1 1/2 140.937%

2nd Julien Stainer Dog 2lb 7 1/2 82.291%

Well done guys conditions where fine just not many fish caught

Next competition 05/02/23

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January 48-hour results

7 angler's fished

1 fish weighed

1st Stephen Found Smalleyed Ray 9lb 4 102.777%

Next competition end of season Competition 27/28/29th Jan

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January Rover Results

9 angler's fished

1 fished weighed

1st Stephen Found Dog 2lb 3 1/2

Next competition 48 hour 13/14/15th

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