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Sea section byelaws

All Club rules shall apply in all competitions unless otherwise stated.

(a)The minimum fish size shall be laid down by the DEFRA, unless the club decides on a larger size. Should an undersized fish from club minimum size list be bought to the scales then the whole bag shall be disqualified.

(b)The minimum size for weighing fish in competition is set at 70%.

(c) The fish recorder or his deputy shall be responsible for the weigh-in.

(d) All competitions shall be arranged by the club (Officials and committee).

(e ) All entrants must declare fish caught and contact the fish recorder at the end of the competition.

(f) The scales shall remain open for 30 minutes after the end of the competition fishing time.

(g) Competitions shall be cancelled if conditions are dangerous. The decision will be made by a club official.

(h) Pools may be run at club competitions for members if they wish, they in no way must be compulsory, and not interfere with the normal entrance fee or prizes.

(i) Any report to National or local press, Radio or television concerning the club shall be strictly by a club official.

(j) Four entrants shall be the minimum to constitute a fishing competition.

(k) Weighing of fish to be done in a sling, bag, or bucket, this is to be compulsory anything else will be disqualified.

(l) All fish caught will be judged against the specimen weight and sizes of the club or angling trust if not on club list.

(m) That two rods may be used when fishing club competitions (unless otherwise stated) and other sea competitions as agreed.

(n) 3 Hooks may be used between the 2 rods & a Pennell rig counts as 1 hook.

(o) That the prize money for the End of Year Competition for those who have fished 12 or more monthly rovers, or 48-hr competitions shall be split 2 ways.

(p) Only 2 fish per species may be weighed in competitions.

(q) Any prize monies not won in the 48hr and monthly rover goes to the end of season comp.

(r) Personal scales need to be verified against the club’s scales and must be done at least every 6 months, before a fish can count (Note: - bring them to the weigh in on every first fish caught)

(s) The fishing limits are between Hengistbury Head and the Severn Bridge.   


” Any points that are not covered by the above set of rules will be dealt with by the elected committee incumbent at the time whose decision will be final”.

21st July 2022

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