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Committee Members 2024

President- Andrew Clements

Vice President- Phil Vanstone

Chairman- Pete Skinner

Vice Chairman- Mark Edwards

Treasurer- Phil Vanstone

Secretary- Mervyn Beal

Membership Secretary- Mark Edwards

Tarka Swims General Manager- Steve Bailey

Karens Lake Secretary- Jake England

Coarse Match Secretary- Martin Turner

Game Secretary- Terry Dymond

Webmaster- Mervyn Beal

Boat Secretary - Chris Parr

Fish Recorders

Sea Section-Nathan Clements

Game Section- Terry Dymond

General Committee Members- Richard Jefferies, Colin Gorman,   Keith Mountjoy, Martin Hawker, Adam Wheeler, Steve Ashton, Keith Copland.

Committee Members.  Committee Members shall be relieved of their position only if:

 (a)  They fail to attend three consecutive committee meetings without good reason.

 (b)  They fail to comply with the principles of the Club.

Bailiff's 2024

Steve Bailey

Martin Hawker

Jake England

Richard Jefferies

Nigel Head

Martin Turner

Matt Cross

Nathan England

Craig Lamey

Steve Ashton

Chris Parr

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