Committee Members 2022

President- Andrew Clements

Chairman- Pete Skinner

Vice Chairman- Mark Edwards

Treasurer- Phil Vanstone

Secretary-Martin Rushton

Membership Secretary- Mark Edwards

Tarka Swims General Manager- Steve Bailey

Karens Lake Secretary-Jake England

Coarse Match Secretary-Martin Turner

Game Secretary- Terry Dymond

Webmaster- Mervyn Beal

Fish Recorders

Sea Section-Nathan Clements

Game Section-Terry Dymond

General Committee Members-Richard Jefferies, Paul Downing, Colin Gorman, Damian Babb, Dave Anstey, Keith Mountjoy.

Committee Members.  Committee Members shall be relieved of their position only if:

 (a)  They fail to attend three consecutive committee meetings without good reason.

 (b)  They fail to comply with the principles of the Club.