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Boat Section 2024

On Friday 24th May six club members travelled down to Beer and went aboard Orca Charters.
It was a beautiful sunny day with flat seas and our day started off with an exciting launch.
We boarded the boat while it was on the pebble beach and then the tractor pushes us into the sea stern first.
Once on the water, we were fishing within a matter of minutes, spending the morning drifting over a mixture of sandy bottoms and reefs.
The afternoon consisted of fishing at anchor. The fishing on the South Coast has been much the same as the North Devon coast, meaning fishing has been hard going. 
However, we managed to pick up 9 species; pout, poor cod, ballan wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, pollock, conger eel, bull huss and the good old favourites, mackerel and dog fish.
To make things a bit more interesting, we ran two pools on the boat; largest fish and most species, which were both won by Brian Hollis.
We had a last minute dash to catch a grey gurnard to make it 10 species for the day but unfortunately we failed.
The docking was equally as exciting as the skipper has to run the boat aground on the beach, they then attach a winch and drag the boat back up onto the pebbles.
We had positive feedback from everyone on board. Three of the people were new club members and have all shown strong interest in coming on future trips.
Skipper has given me another available date at the end of the season should we wish to take it. However, I would like our next trip to be with a Skipper local to the club.


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