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Team Event Results  2024
Bideford and District Angling Club versus North Devon Match Group Stafford Moor Fishery.

Had our return inter club match against North Devon Match Group at Stafford Moor Fishery using Willow and Oak

With 12 anglers on each

Top weight on the day was Tom Downing

Oak lake

1st Tom Downing 180lb 15oz

2nd Darren Polden 143lb 2oz

3rd Philip Bailey 131lb 15oz

4th Keith Mountjoy 113lb 12oz


1st Nathan Underwood 130lb 10oz

2nd Steve Johnson 122lb 8oz

3rd Christopher Morris 109lb 14oz

4th Kevin Shears 102lb 15oz

A big well done to everyone that’s helped weighing the boards photos

Winning on the day was North Devon Match Group with 185 points and Bideford having 126 points

Team Event Results  2024
Bideford and District Angling Club versus North Devon Match Group Tarka Swims

Today we hosted the first leg of our inter club competition, both clubs fielded a 12 man team using almost all the pegs on George's lake.

The Easter Saturday weather was kind for us, a light Southerly breeze and some warm sunshine.

The lake has fished fairly well, with the top two both netting over 50lbs..

Steve Johnson NDMG, has topped the field with 53lb 2oz taken on peg 20 pole fished hard pellets to the recently cleared island.

His team mate Ian Croxton on peg 12 has had 52 lb 3oz on bread for 2nd place.

Top BDAC , and 3rd spot went to Kevin Shears, a nice mixed net on peg 9, 38lb 13oz .

Section winners were:

A section Les Polden 12lb 14oz

B section Nathan Underwood 32lb 8oz

C section Chris Morris 15lb 3oz

D section Ian Gray 23lb 6oz.

The team results NDMG 156. BDAC 144 .

North Devon all stars carry a 12 point lead on to the second leg to be fished on Stafford Moor Fishery .

Team Event Results  2023
BDAC Versus Plymouth Coasre Angling Club

Interclub Event: Bideford and District Angling Club Versus Plymouth and District Coarse Angling Club Return Leg

George's Lake Tarka Swims. Results:

BDAC. 160lbs 5oz

PADCAC. 91lbs 1oz


BDAC 569lb 3oz. PADCAC 329lb 9oz


1st Mike Snudden 40lb 4oz

2nd Craig Crash Lamey 33lb 8oz

3rd Richard Jefferies 29lb 5oz

4th Bill Crossman 27 lb 9oz

5th Darren Polden 24lb 14oz

A breezy, mild day with the odd light shower, led to a good match against our friends from Plymouth,

Carp, have made up the main frame, with Mike's catch on peg 6 leading the Bideford team home to an emphatic home victory.

Craig has guested for Plymouth and helped their team effort, with his second placed spot off peg 16.

Committee member Richard has come third overall on peg 17.

Let's hope we can continue with these sorts of events into the future.

BDAC Versus Plymouth Coasre Angling Club

Bideford and District Angling Club versus Plymouth and District Coarse Angling Club.

Milemead Fishery Tavistock.

Individual results:

1st Colin Cherrington 72lb 12oz BDAC

2nd Craig Crash Lamey 70lb 13oz BDAC

3rd Richard Jefferies 54lb 11oz BDAC

4th Pat Whyner 51lb 12oz PADCAC

5th Keith Mountjoy 49lb 10oz BDAC

6th Les Polden 47lb 1oz BDAC

7th Bill Crossman 44lb 15oz PADCAC

Team results:

Bideford 462lb 14oz

Plymouth 238lb 8oz

Colin , representing Bideford, led us home to a resounding victory over our friends from Plymouth, with a cracking carp net taken on pole fished 8mm pellets.

Craig finished a close second, with another great net of carp also taken on the pole.

Committee member Richard came in third.

Pat was the highest Plymouth angler with his fourth place.

We look forward to hosting the return leg on Tarka Swims on Saturday 26th August.

Team Event Results  2022
BDAC Versus Plymouth Coasre Angling Club

Bideford and District Angling Club Versus Plymouth and District Coarse Angling Club

Tarka Swims.


1st Colin Cherrington 33lb 4oz

2nd Richard Jefferies 30lb 15oz

3rd Christopher Morris 30lb 1oz

4th Keith Mountjoy 23lb 12oz

5th Nathan Underwood 22lb 11oz

6th Bill Crossman 21lb 6oz .

Today's totals

Bideford 199lb 13oz Plymouth 113lb 1oz

Overall, home plus away total

Bideford 555lb Plymouth 407lb

20 fished

The home team, of 10, filled the top 2spots . Colin has fished the margins on peg 14 with maggot for the winning net, Richard,BDAC, has fished his favourite method, paste in the weedbed on 12, for his all carp second place net.

Chris representing PDCAC came a close third on his first visit to Tarka pole tactics on peg 22.

The venue has fished quite hard for some, the weather has remained dry and warm.

We, BDAC, hope everyone enjoyed the day and hope to continue the fixture into next year's calendar.

BDAC Versus Plymouth Coarse Angling Club.

Bideford and District Angling Club. Versus Plymouth and District Coarse Angling Club.

Milemead Fishery Tavistock.

Results :

PDCAC. 295lb 4oz

BDAC ,. 356lb. 11oz

Bideford lead the first leg by 61lb

Top individuals..

1st John Rowe 62lb 14oz Plymouth.

2nd Nathan Underwood 62 lb 6oz Bideford.

3rd Martin Turner 61lb 5oz Bideford.

4th Sheila Found 57lb 12oz Bideford.

20 fished.

Plymouth hosted us on the stunning Milemead fishery, on one of the hottest days of the summer so far. The weights have been exceptionally, with nets of Carp and large Roach brought to the scales. We look forward to the return match in August on Tarka Swims. We must thank John West, PDCAC Captain for sorting out the pegging fees, and organising the event.





Click pictures to enlarge

BDAC Winning Team.

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