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Game Section Match Results 2024

BDAC Game Result Sunday 30th June Torrington.

1st Terry Dymond

2nd Roger Johnson.

4 members fished, disappointing turn out seeing the match was on our fishing beat on the River Torridge at Torrington.

Next Comp 28th July Clatworthy Somerset.

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BDAC Game Result Sunday 26th May Roadford Lake.

1st Dave Bailey

2nd John McCallum

3rd Terry Dymond

It was a good day's fishing with all members catching fish best fish of the day was a 1Ib 12oz Brown Trout caught by Dave Bailey.

Next Game Comp is Sunday June 30th at the Clubs fishing beat on the River Torridge. Click Here

April Game Result Wimbleball Exmoor

1st Dave Bailey

2nd Terry Dymond

It was hard conditions on the day, very cold and windy.

Next Match Roadford Devon 26th May

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March Game Result Clatworthy Somerset.

1st Terry Dymond

2nd John McCallum

Next Match Wimbleball Somerset. 28th April Click Here 

Game Section Match Results 2023

August 27th Game Result Colliford Cornwall

No Fish were Caught.

Next Comp 24th September Clatworthy Somerset Click Here

July 30th Game Result Clatworthy Somerset.

1st John McCulham Rainbow Trout, only fish caught on the day.

Next Comp 27th August Colliford Cornwall.

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June 25th Game Result Roadford Lake.

1st Terry Dymond Brown Trout.

2nd John McCulham. Brown Trout.

Next Comp. 30th July Clatworthy Somerset

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May Game Result 28th May.

Unfortunately no fish were caught

Next Comp  25th June Roadford

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Wimbleball Game Results 30th April.

Ist John McCulham who caught the only fish of the day.

Next Comp 28th May Kennick Dartmoor

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Clatworthy Game Results 26th March

1st  John McCulham who caught the only fish on the day.

Next Comp 30th April Wimbleball Somerset.  Click Here.

Game Section Match Results 2022

Colliford Cornwall Game Results 28th August

1st John McCulham who caught the only fish on the day.

Next Comp. 25th September. Cancelled.  Click Here 

Final Points after 6 Matches ( Sept. Match Cancelled )

1st- John McCulham 34pts

2nd- Dan Lock 32pts

Clatworthy Exmoor Game Results 31st July

1st John McCulham

2nd Terry Dymond

3rd Dan Lock.

Good days fishing with 12 fish caught, plus Brown Trout of 2Ib 4oz.

Next Comp  28th August. Click Here

Colliford Cornwall Game Results 26th June

1st John McCulham

2nd Terry Dymond & Dan Lock

This Comp was moved from Roadford to Colliford, fishing proved to be hard because of weather conditions with strong winds etc. But the outcome was 4 Brown Trout being caught. Well done everyone, hopefully better conditions for July.

Next Comp 31st July. Click Here

Kennick Dartmoor. Game Results 29th May.

1st Jon Curtis  6Ib 1oz.

It was a hard day's fishing with only one member catching. Jon Curtis had 3 Rainbow Trout. Well done Jon.

Next Comp. 26th June. Click here

Wimbleball Exmoor. Game Results 24th April

1st Dan Lock  10Ib 13oz

2nd Jon Curtis  5Ib

Dan had a nice fish of 6Ib 3oz well done Dan.

Next Comp 29th May.. Click Here

Clatworthy 27th March 6 Entered First Comp Of the Season.

Good start to our competitions 18 fish caught

1st Matt Sanders

2nd Dan Lock

3rd Terry Dymond

Next Comp 24th April  Click Here

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