1. Committee Members.  Committee Members shall be relieved of their position only if:
(a)  They fail to attend three consecutive committee meetings without good reason.
          (b)  They fail to comply with the principles of the Club.
2. Byelaws for Club Organized Boat Trips.
     (a)  A £60 booking fee is paid at the beginning of the season. This is held un till the end of the season, but will not be returned if the member fails to attend a trip they has booked, unless extenuating circumstances agreed by the Club Committee.
     (b)  When a Member books a berth he makes himself liable to the Club for the total cost of the berth booked if he fails to go. This does not prevent the Member finding another member to take his place. The Boat Secretary should be informed of any change made, where he may be able to fill the berth for the member from other members looking for berths.
     (c)  All members go on Boat trips at their own risk and the Club will not be responsible for any loss or damage they may incur.
     (d)  Juniors over 14 years old will be allowed on boat trips if their parents give written consent stating that they do not hold the Club responsible for their safety.  Younger members must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.
     (e)  Fish caught on a Club Organised Boat Trip may be weighed and recorded with two witnesses who are Members on the boat if the fish is to be returned alive.
     (f)  Club organized trips must be paid 1 trip in advance.
     (g)  Boat Cups can be won outside of club organized trips. But fish must be weighed on certificated scales with at least 2 witnesses. 
3.  Byelaws for Sea Section.
     (a)  The Rules of the SWFSA shall apply in all Competitions.
     (b)  The minimum fish size shall be as laid down by the DEFRA, unless the Club decides on a larger size. Should an undersized fish from club minimum size list be brought to the scales then the whole bag shall be disqualified.
     (c)  The minimum size for Wrasse shall be 16 inches.
     (d)  Stewards. The Fish Recorder or his deputy shall be responsible for the weigh-in.
     (e)  All competitions shall be arranged by the Club (Officials and Committee).
     (f)   At fixed venues Competitions, competitors should meet at appointed place 30 minutes before time of start. Steward shall remain at starting point for 15 minutes after starting time to take late entries.
    (g)  The scales shall remain open for 30 minutes after the end of the Competition fishing time.
    (h)  Competitions at fixed venues shall be cancelled if conditions are dangerous. The decision shall be by a majority vote of the competitors.
    (i)   Pools may be run at Club Competitions for members if they wish, they in no way must be compulsory, and not interfere with the normal entrance fee or prizes.
    (j)  Any report to National or Local Press, Radio or Television concerning the Club shall be strictly by a Club Official.
    (k)  Six entrants shall be the minimum to constitute a senior competition, apart from the 24 hr, Boxing Day and Midweek competitions.
    (l)  Roving Competitions can be run in place of fixed venue competition, entries to these must be made before the day of competition by the stated time and the competitor must not start fishing before the state time. Fish caught must be brought to the stated place of weigh-in (normally Club Headquarters) within thirty minutes of the end of fishing time. All fish should have a label bearing the name of captor attached. 
    (m)  All fish caught will be judged against specimen weights and sizes of the Club or SWFSA if not on club list. 
    (n)  The Club is a member of the S.W.F.S.A, members can therefore enter any fish above the S.W.F.S.A. weights for specimens in the area of capture.
    (o)  That two rods may be used when fishing Club competitions (unless otherwise stated) and other sea competitions as agreed.
    (p)  3 Hooks may be used between the 2 rods & a Pennell rig counts as 1 hook.
    (q)  That the prize money for the End of Year Competition for those who have fished 10 or more monthly rovers or 24 hour competitions, shall be split 3 ways.
    (r)  Only Two fish per species may be weighed in competitions.
    (s)  Any prize monies not won in the 24hr and monthly rovers, go towards the end of season competition.
    (t)  Fish must be brought to the scales at the stated time for acceptance, clearly identified & not in water. A catch and release policy is encouraged whenever possible, this will be in the form of a photo of the fish along with a photo of the fish scale weight, to the fish recorder or their deputy by the stated time. It is preferable that the captor presents the photo evidence to the fish recorder or deputy in person, unless a reasonable reason is provided, where by notification may be acceptable.
    (u) Personal scales need to be verified against club scales at 6 monthly intervals, before any weight/fish can be accepted (note: bring them to the weigh-in on the first fish caught).
     (v) Catch and release for the following species, Undulate Ray, Tope, Silver Eel, and Wrasse are the only acceptable method.
4.  Competition Rules for Coarse Fishing.
   (a)  All competitions shall be arranged by the relevant Club Officials.
    (b)  All Anglers must fish to Club and individual Fishery Rules.
    (c)  Prizes will be awarded by the stewards in proportion to the income received from the match. In the event of a tie, the prizes shall be equally divided.
    (d)  Four entrants shall be the minimum to constitute a valid competition, Competitions shall be duly advertised. No open competitions.
    (e)  Competitors must strike, play and land their own fish.
    (f)  Competitors must retain all fish in keep nets which comply with fishery Rules. 
    (g)  All fish caught are eligible for weighing with the exception for game fish and crustaceans.
    (H) All competitors are to meet at the appointed place one hour and fifteen minutes before the start when the draw for pegs will take place.
    (i)  Competitors must cease fishing at the signal. Should a competitor still be playing a fish hooked before the signal is given, they may be permitted no more than fifteen minutes after the time has been called to land the fish.
    (j)  Competitors are responsible for ensuring that there pegs are clear of litter.
    (k)  Before the starting signal no competitor must on no account ground bait or loose feed their swim, but will be allowed to wet a line, plumb the depth, test their float, mix and wet ground bait & position their keep nets.
    (l)  The individual weight of each competitor’s catch will be recorded to the nearest ounce rounded up.
    (m)  Each competitor will be responsible for ensuring the correct weight of their catch is recorded by the section secretary.
    (n)  Any complaints should be made before the weigh-in to a club official.
    (o)  Matches will be pegged at the discretion of the steward.
    (p)  Competitors on being drawn may proceed to their pegs
    (q)  Every competitor must fish within one meter of their peg.
    (r)  Competitors to only have one hook baited in the water at any one time.
    (t)  Club teams shall be selected by the Match Secretary.
5. Coarse section & fishery Rules for Tarka Swims.
(a)    Environment Agency Rod License and valid membership or day ticket must be carried at all times. And produced on request.
(b)    The use of illegal substances is strictly forbidden.
    (c)  Fishing from platforms only.
    (d)  Barbless Hooks only.
    (e)  No fixed leads or feeders.
    (f)  Maximum Two rods per person.
    (g)  No rods or poles to be left unattended.
    (h)  No Nut baits.
    (i)  No fish over 3lb to be kept in keep nets (unless during a club run event)
    (j)  All fish to be treated with care and returned to the water unharmed.
    (k)  Juniors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
    (l)  Fishing from dawn to Dusk. No night fishing unless approved by coarse, or Karen’s lake secretary, contact details at Lake Notice Board.
    (m)  Unhooking mats must be used when placing fish on firm surfaces.
    (n)  No litter to be left whatsoever    
    (o)  No Boats. Unless for organized work Parties.
    (p)  No Swimming.
    (q)  Dogs must be kept under control at all times, any damage due to dog behavior will be the owner’s responsibility, all dog mess must be cleared and disposed of, off site.
    (r)  No Fires, unless during official work parties. Barbeques must be placed on gravel pathways making sure they do not obstruct other site users. All barbeques must be fully extinguished and removed from site after use.
    (s)  Toilets to be kept clean and tidy.
    (t)  No access to surrounding woodland.
    (u)  Do not destroy vegetation. No interfering with wildlife.
    (v)  Noise to be kept to a minimum. All users must conduct themselves in a considerate and non-disruptive manner at all times
    (w)  No Firearms, unless authorization given by the club committee.
    (x)  Coated braid hook lengths permitted, ensure a suitable strength main line used with this method, recommend minimum 12lb. No lead core.
    (y)  Bideford & District Angling Club do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property.
6. Competitions Rules for Game Section.
   (a)  All Competitions and Rules made by the Game Members must be approved by Committee.
    (b)  Competitions will be on the last Sunday in the month.
    (c)  Competitions to be fished for the first two fish over stock size caught, (Fly only) except on Fisheries where day ticket limit is more than two fish.
    (d)  Weigh-in will be held at the end of the competition, unless previously agreed.
    (e)  Draw to be made for pegs 30 minutes before competition start time.
    (f)  No fishing allowed before stated start time of competition.
    (g)  All fishing to cease at time stated, although time will be allowed to land a fish if hooked before the stated time.
    (h)  Competitors must play their own fish, but can have assistance with landing if required.
    (i)  There will be no catch and release other than on waters with this amenity. Otherwise all fish to be killed.
    (j)  All Fishery Rules and Regulations must be adhered to at all times.
    (k)  Entrance fee for competitions is £1, and will be divided as follows: - 1st 50% 2nd 30% and 20% to go into a Junior Pool.
    (l)  Points for competitions will be awarded as follows: - 1st 10pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 5pts, 5th 4pts, 6th 3pts and 1point for weighing in.
   (m)  All competitors must be paid up Club Members and must carry a current E.A. License when fishing.
    (n)  Only one rod to be used at any one time and must be attended to at all times.
    (o)  Special consideration must be given to all disabled members.
    (p)  Members must conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner at all times. No cause for complaint must be given to other anglers or residents.
    (q)  Complaints must be made to the Section Secretary immediately and made before the weigh-in.
    (r)  Members who have fished 6 or more monthly competitions shall be eligible to fish the End of Year Competition.
    (s)  Venue for End of Year Competition to be voted for by those Members eligible to fish the competition.
    (t)  Anyone breaking these Rules will be reported to the Committee where action may be taken.
These Bylaws may be amended as required by main committee. Any changes or amendments will be reflected in the Master Copy and available for inspection on request.  
  7. Work parties. Anyone attending work parties at the lake site must adhere to the relevant risk assessments and guidelines.

April 2022