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Competition Rules for Coarse Fishing. Please refer to Tarka Rules Also.

   (a)  All competitions shall be arranged by the relevant Club Officials.

    (b)  All Anglers must fish to Club and individual Fishery Rules.

    (c)  Prizes will be awarded by the stewards in proportion to the income received from the match. In the event of a tie, the prizes shall be equally divided.

    (d)  Four entrants shall be the minimum to constitute a valid competition, Competitions shall be duly advertised. No open competitions.

    (e)  Competitors must strike, play and land their own fish.

    (f)  Competitors must retain all fish in keep nets which comply with fishery Rules.

    (g)  All fish caught are eligible for weighing with the exception for game fish and crustaceans.

    (H) All competitors are to meet at the appointed place one hour and fifteen minutes before the start when the draw for pegs will take place.

    (i)  Competitors must cease fishing at the signal. Should a competitor still be playing a fish hooked before the signal is given, they may be permitted no more than fifteen minutes after the time has been called to land the fish.

    (j)  Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their pegs are clear of litter.

    (k)  Before the starting signal no competitors are allowed to ground bait or loose feed their swim, but will be allowed to wet a line, plumb the depth, test their float, mix and wet ground bait & position their keep nets.

    (l)  The individual weight of each competitor’s catch will be recorded to the nearest ounce.

    (m)  Each competitor will be responsible for ensuring the correct weight of their catch is recorded by the section secretary.

    (n)  Any complaints should be made before the weigh-in to a club official.

    (o)  Matches will be pegged at the discretion of the steward.

    (p)  Competitors on being drawn may proceed to their pegs

    (q)  Every competitor must fish within one metre of their peg.

    (r)  Competitors to only have one hook baited in the water at any one time.

    (t)  Club teams shall be selected by the Match Secretary.


“Any points that are not covered by the set of rules will be dealt with by the elected committee incumbent at the time whose decision will be final”.

21st July 2022

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