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George's Lake Catch Report

Les Polden caught this cracking 3Ib 6oz Perch from George's Lake using worm. well done Les cracking fish.  14/03/2023

This is what our club is all about seeing the youngsters fishing with their dad.

Sammie was really pleased he managed to get his Carp, Crucian, Mirror and Common plus 4 Tench and Perch, one very happy boy. Well done Sammie   19/02/2023

Sam Sheikh reported.

Nice day's fishing at George's lake. Mainly Carp and a few Bream, but also a fresh water clam, a first for me. Used a flat method feeder with a 4" hook length and size 16 hook. Live pinkies on the hook and Thatchers dark, mixed with 2mm pellets and hand full of dead pinkies on method.   11/02/2023.

Club Secretary John Lane reported fishing George's Lake.

Had to break the ice on peg 17 but well worth it. Caught on single maggot and 18 hook and very light elastic. Top kit plus one out. Caught three Carp best 12lb weighed in by Matt Cross. Nice Roach and Perch and many others. Wasn’t expecting anything. Great fun and challenge bring the 12lb in on thin elastic and it going under the ice. And sat in sunshine all day. Well done John.   20/01/2023.

Sam Sheikh reported fishing George's Lake.

So the day started with me forgetting my phone, found the tip of my wagler had snapped, over watering the ground bait and then lost my first fish as I was landing it. Was a slow days fishing, but ended up with a few nice carp and about 3 bream. Caught on a flat method with Sonus Green mixed with micro pellets and dead reds. Hook bait was a mixture of dead reds, 6mm pellets and a orange wafter.

Martin Finch Reported

Yet another very windy morning session at George's today but at least it wasn't raining! Waited 3.5 hours for the first bite. Then had two carp and four decent bream

in the last hour. One Carp was a shade under 8lbs - the second largest fish I have ever caught at George's!    10/01/2023.

Sam Sheikh reported.

Lovely day at George's, had it to myself for most of it. Used sticky micro F1 2mm pellets on a flat method. Started off with 6mm pellet then swapped to 6mm chocolate orange wafter on 16 banded hook. First time using a wafter, it worked well. Just one casualty through the session, can't wait for the ropes to go.  06/01/2023.

Steve Ashton fishing George's Lake reported.

Fished peg 6 for a few hours today, tried the method feeder to no avail, so went on to the cage feeder landed some roach and skimmers all on maggot, decided to give the Waggler a go and landed some more roach the best one pictured and then this Carp came along, which I didn’t really want as I was using a size 18 hook and 2lb hook length, but hey Ho you have to except the unexpected.   14/11/2022

Roger Ackroyd  reported fishing George's Lake.

Well just done a full day on George's lake . Fantastic sport. Early morning was slow but by afternoon it was a bite a cast. Fishing over groundbait and micros fishing two lines on peg 16 . One line margin with paste the other at the Lillie's edge with expanders and soft pellet. Finished with excess of 30 Carp and almost the same with Tench and a few cracking Crucians to make up the bag. Later on taking the bigger Carp fishing shallow with pellet . Carp mostly small of 1lb to 2lb but the last 5 all between 4lb and 8lb. Great pleasure day .   25/09/2022

Gaz Dale fishing George's Lake.

Cracking day in the blistering sun on Thursday, took advantage of the cruising carp on bread flake and got this nice Common of about 6lb.  11/08/2022

Committee member Nathan Clements took his young lad Alby along for a mornings session on George's Lake, showing his dad how its done.

Few hours for the boy on peg 12 this morning and his first ever carp. Top angling Alby well done.  06/08/2022.

Gaz Dale reported.

Great day on peg 12 yesterday, best of the day was a 4.5lb Common in the margin on bread crust. Also, my youngest lad caught his first fish today - a Roach, two Tench and a Bream all in 10 mins! It's been a great first year as a member of the club. Well done.  04/08/2022.

Martin Finch reported today.

Excellent morning's fishing at George's today. Caught my largest fish ever out of the lake, a Common Carp of about 8 lbs. Steve very kindly used his net to land the fish, and took the photo.

I know I am grimacing in the photo, it's because the fish was struggling and the sun was in my eyes!

Also, for the first time in more than a year, I had more Skimmers (20 plus) than Tench! Also had some Roach and Rudd and two more smaller Carp.

Peg 19, Waggler with Sweetcorn, fished in margin and one rod length out, next to the lilies. Well done Martin   03/08/2022.

Club member Fin Fin  wrote.

Great day at George’s Lake with my son (thanks to Darren for his tips!). Nice to see family members enjoying fishing together.  01/08/2022.

Pete Eade. Fished Georges today, alternating between wag and mag, wag and corn over hemp and banded pellet on the tip. caught Perch, Tench, Roach, 1 Carp and 1 Bream. Another good days fishing.  13/07/2022.

Martin Finch Reported

Fantastic 5hr session this morning at George's. Very windy and cool though. I had 28 Tench but the difference today was that the average weight was the highest I have had at George's. Plus a dozen Roach, 6 Skimmers, and 2 Crucians. Peg 19, Waggler with Sweet Corn over Tares. Most fish caught from the margin. Well done Martin good report.  28/06/2022.

Warren Thornton Fishing George's Lake

Great first try using paste 1 carp and loads of Tench most 1lb plus, thanks to Martin Turner and others for the tips, roll on tomorrow's match.  11/06/2022

Anthony Jarvis fishing George's for the first time in the pouring rain. Plenty of bites and my first Carp. Well done Anthony.  29/05/2022.

This is what our club is all about family spending time fishing together. Nathan taking his son Alby fishing for the first time, the smile on his face say's it all. Lovely photo's. Well done Alby.  24/05/2022.

Martin Finch reported.

Fished George's this morning. Virtually a repeat of my session two weeks ago. Peg 19, waggler with Corn. First two hours about 20 Tench, nothing of any size. Switched to the margin. Had 6 small Carp, 4 Skimmers, two Tench (one about 1lb.).  16/05/2022.

Robert Bowani fishing George's Lake.

Thanks for all of your great advice today I managed to beat my personal best Carp with my dad guessing about 10lb my original pb was 7.6lb. caught this lush Common on floating crust. Well done Robert.   07/05/2022.

George's Catch Report

David Critchley fishing George's Lake reported

Good session up at Georges this morning. Fished peg 6. Back to the trusty bread punch on bomb. Steady catches all morning but nothing spectacular. These were the best of the bunch. Including a nice Tench.  03/05/2022