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Competitions Rules for Game Section.

   (a)  All Competitions and Rules made by the Game Members must be approved by Committee.

    (b)  Competitions will be on the last Sunday in the month.

    (c)  Competitions to be fished for the first two fish over stock size caught, (Fly only) except on Fisheries where day ticket limit is more than two fish.

    (d)  Weigh-in will be held at the end of the competition, unless previously agreed.

    (e)  Draw to be made for pegs 30 minutes before competition start time.

    (f)  No fishing allowed before stated start time of competition.

    (g)  All fishing to cease at time stated, although time will be allowed to land a fish if hooked before the stated time.

    (h)  Competitors must play their own fish, but can have assistance with landing if required.

    (i)  There will be no catch and release other than on waters with this amenity. Otherwise, all fish to be killed.

    (j)  All Fishery Rules and Regulations must be adhered to at all times.

    (k)  Entrance fee for competitions is £1, and will be divided as follows: - 1st 50% 2nd 30% and 20% to go into a Junior Pool.

    (l)  Points for competitions will be awarded as follows: - 1st 10pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 5pts, 5th 4pts, 6th 3pts and 1point for weighing in.

   (m)  All competitors must be paid up Club Members and must carry a current E.A. License when fishing.

    (n)  Only one rod to be used at any one time and must be attended to at all times.

    (o)  Special consideration must be given to all disabled members.

    (p)  Members must conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner at all times. No cause for complaint must be given to other anglers or residents.

    (q)  Complaints must be made to the Section Secretary immediately and made before the weigh-in.

    (r)  Members who have fished 6 or more monthly competitions shall be eligible to fish the End of Year Competition.

    (s)  Venue for End of Year Competition to be voted for by those Members eligible to fish the competition.

    (t)  Anyone breaking these Rules will be reported to the Committee where action may be taken.

These Bylaws may be amended as required by main committee. Any changes or amendments will be reflected in the Master Copy and available for inspection on request.


“Any points that are not covered by the above set of rules will be dealt with by the elected committee incumbent at the time whose decision will be final”.

21st July 2022

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