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Karen's Lake Catch Report

Just a polite reminder about fish care and the use of unhooking mats and cradles after landing fish for photo takes. This is important for welfare of the fish. This video is a good example.

Jason Fern reported fishing Karen's Lake.

Was tough going on Friday so was very pleased to guide this one over the net cord, Sticky Mulbz pop up on a helicopter setup. Nice one Jason.  27/01/2023.

Jeremy Rogerson had another good day fishing Karen's Lake. 16Ib 2oz Mirror, 11Ib Mirror. Both caught on Sticky Manilla Wafter Topped with Corn Pop Up.  24/01/2023.

Matt Cross fishing Karen's Lake.

Caught this 15Ib 2oz Common on a cold sunny day. Caught on Crbaits ever faithful Strawberry Ice winter bait. Top angling Matt.   20/01/2023.

Jeremy Rogerson had a good day fishing Karen's Lake, resulting catching 3 Carp. 5Ib Common, 11Ib 8oz Common and 10Ib 12oz Mirror. All fish were caught on Sticky Manila Wafter Topped with Corn Popup. Well done Jeremy.   15/01/2023.

Scott Adams fishing Karen's Lake.

My first carp for over 10 years! Very pleased with this one!  Well done Scott.  14/01/2023.

Seb Davidson start to 2023 going from strength to strength fishing Karen's Lake, another nice Mirror, well done Seb.  14/01/2023