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Karen's Lake Catch Report

Just a polite reminder about fish care and the use of unhooking mats and cradles after landing fish for photo takes. This is important for welfare of the fish. This video is a good example.

Jason Fern fishing Karen's Lake.

Had Karen’s all to myself today, was privileged to slide the net under this one at just over 15lb. 09/02/2024.

Seb Davidson fishing Karen's Lake.

Very windy on Karen's, was worth the effort with this nice looking Mirror. 06/02/2024.

Scott Adams fishing Karen's Lake.

First time out for a while, nice to get a couple today, cheers Luke Blythe for taking pictures of the Mirror, both caught on Remix Baits as always. 04/02/2024

Aaron Jones finally managed to catch after Alfie was the top rod on their session. 14Ib Mirror. Well done Aaron. 03/02/2024

Luke Blythe showing how its done.

Cracking night! only the 1 so far but absolutely brilliant. Jeremy Rogerson this is how you catch fish mate:) i’ll have to teach you:) 21Ib Common.

Rik Wall thank you for the pictures:) 03/02/2024.

Seems to be time for the youngsters to catch and show the adults how its done. 

Young Hayden Wall. Nice mirror Carp thank you to Matt Cross for the tips on how to bring him in and netting. Thank you to Rik Wall for the pictures! Didn't weigh him as but reckon around 3-4lbs. 03/02/2024

Young Alfie Jones is showing his dad how its done. Having 2 fish in the last couple of hours. 9Ib Mirror & 12Ib 9oz fishing Karen's Lake. Top angling Alfie. 03/02/2024

Jamie Hinson fishing Karen's Lake.

Slow day at Karen’s very happy to finish with a 24Ib common. Well done Jamie. 25/11/2023.

Mike Jones Fishing Karen's Lake.

This beauty prevented an overnight blank this morning!

My first Carp caught out of Karen’s. 23/11/2023

Ger Vanderhooft & Hannah-Joy reported.

Had a great spooky session on Karen's Saturday night with Hannah-joy. Shame no one wanted to join the seasonal fun. Hannah smashed her PB again with this 21lb 7oz Common so proud of how far she's coming along. Had a total of 7 Carp and one pesky annoying Tench. 29/10/2023.

Seb Davidson fishing Karen's Lake.

Wet and windy short half term session. Cracking 18lb Mirror from the margins. Top netting skills from the lad to help land this beauty. 23/10/2023

Young Luke Blythe reported fishing Karen's Lake. He was buzzing not only did he catch and equal Karen's Lake record with a 24Ib 8oz Common, he broke his own pb. Top angling Luke. Fish was caught on  Krill pop up.  21/10/2023

Seb Davidson reported.

I was lucky enough to have Karen's all to myself today, 17lb Common, 11lb Mirror, 10lb zip, 8lb Ghosty Mirror ( super cool, pic don't do it justice ) and some little beauties


Seb Davidson reported fishing Karen's Lake.

Tough going today, managed to sneak this 17lb common out the margins.  10/10/2023.

Clayton Forrester reported fishing Karen's Lake.

Just a few of the 26 carp that I had last week including Muggins at 24.2lbs, Victor Harvey had some great fish as well, and had a lovely bit of time with Mel and Rob Harvey . Thank you for the pasty. Met some lovely people as well.

It's turning into a beautiful mature lake , well done everyone

Ger Vanderhooft fishing Karen's Lake

Had a lovely session with Hannah-joy Selley, Jake England and Shannon.  08/10/2023

Sam Sheikh reported fishing Karen's Lake.

Nice day at Karen's today. Five in total, 3 Tench and 2 Carp. Largest Tench was just over 3lb, a pb for me. Had great company with Jeremy Rogerson, Spenser Passingham and Clayton Forrester. 05/10/2023.

Jeremy Rogerson fishing Karen's Lake

Nice relaxing day on Karen’s with Sam Sheikh and Spencer Passingham. 05/10/2023

Nigel Nguyen fishing Karen's Lake.

I had a nice afternoon on Karen’s just the two thou, but one was a ghosty, a first for me. Christened on Matt’s D Rig using krill Wafter on a method feeder a quintessence of brown crumb and pellet sweetcorn laced with chilli oil and topped with strawberry syrup payed off after their hunger strike on me yesterday. 03/10/2023

Aaron Heard fishing Karen's Lake.

Would like to thank Jeremy Rogerson for a banging weekend on Karen's Lake and would like to thank the fish gods for my pb which is a 16lb in the net very happy with that.  01/10/2023.

Jeremy Rogerson fishing Karen's Lake.

Had an awesome weekend with Aaron Heard, slow start for us but had a great time, I ended up with 12 and the biggest 23lb 12oz's 01/10/2023.

Seb Davidson fishing Karen's Lake.

What an absolutely amazing day on Karen's with the lad and the dog. 24lb,  21lb, 16lb Commons and a stunning 11lb Mirror. Both 20s from the margins and the rest on PVA bags, lost two but sorted that out after a rig change.  04/09/2023.

Young Luke Blythe fishing Karen's Lake.

Had a wonderful night on Karen’s,

some absolutely fights they put up smallest was around 8 pounds and the biggest was 18 pounds! if it was a pound heavier (18 and a half is my pb) I would beaten my pb.

But I want to give a massive thanks to Rik Wall, Hayden Wall and Jeremy Rogerson for netting me my fish and taking pictures for me.  02/09/2023.

Andrew Lamude fishing Karen's Lake.

Me and the father in law have been members for a couple of years now. We joined because I was looking for somewhere nice to take him, with good parking and toilets. He’s not good on his feet and can’t walk very far at all. The lakes are perfect for him, a good path all the way around, so he can use his scooter.

We mostly fish Karen’s, as carp fishing is easier for him, less tangles!! We share a peg and fish one rod each, so I can look after him!

He caught 3 carp pretty quickly after we set up, biggest 6lb 4, then it went quiet for a long time. I was packing up my rod first, then his rod went screaming off, and he was in for a bit of a battle, not a bad finish to the day, landing a 19lb 4. And I didn’t catch anything, but still really enjoyed watching and helping him.

Just want to say a thank you to everyone that helps look after the lakes, so I can take him fishing, well not sure I want to take him now after he out fished me!!  02/09/2023.

Sam Sheikh fishing Karen's Lake.

5 from Karen's today. Peg 30 I think. Between 5 - 9 lbs. 4 on method feeder rig and 1 on bottom bait with pepperami. A big thanks to Rik and Hayden Wall for the photos and helping net the fish.  01/09/2023

Andy Sanders fishing Karen's Lake.

A couple hours up the lake with the kids. They managed 1 each!! Keeps them smiling!!  31/08/2023.

Young Billy Butler had a good first night fishing Karen's Lake. He managed to catch 23Ib Common ( named the muffin ) Billy caught it on a size 8 hook using Mainline Baits Diamond White 15mm Boilie. Well done Billy top angling young man.   27/08/2023.

Clark Fox fishing Karen's Lake.

I have been a member up here for three years and never fished it until today had this stunning condition common not massive only 14lbs but lovely fish.  22/08/2023

Seb Davidson fishing Karen's Lake

Short session with the lad, fished the margins got rewarded with this 24lb and 10lb common. Well done Seb.  14/08/2023.

Sam Sheikh reported.

Nice day on Karen's yesterday. Only three, including one just over 12lb's. Session was shortened by invasion of flying ants. Thanks to Matt & Will Cross and Ger Vanderhooft for your help in landing my fish. Lot's to still learn, but enjoying my sessions at both lakes.  09/09/2023.

Ger Vanderhooft fishing Karen's Lake.

First night on Karen's had 9 fish including this monster Perch being 4lb.  08/08/2023

Seb Davidson reported fishing Karen's Lake.

Brilliant day spent on Karen's. Well done Seb cracking photo's.  06/08/2023

Jeremy Rogerson fishing Karen's Lake

Nice relaxing afternoon on my local lake. Nice 13Ib 12oz Common.  31/07/2023

Will Cross fishing Karen's Lake.

Nice little 15lb mirror from this weekend on a strange changing weather pattern.  23/07/2023.