Karen's Lake Catch Report

Just a polite reminder about fish care and the use of unhooking mats and cradles after landing fish for photo takes. This is important for welfare of the fish. This video is a good example.

Jason Fern Reported Fishing Karen's Lake.

A quick hour surface fishing this evening resulted in this beauty gracing the net it’s obviously a two tone, sure it’s not thee two tone though as it was only 12lb 4oz… great fun.  25/09/2022.

Dan Spearman Fishing Karen's Lake.

My last chance to fish the lakes tonight for a few weeks. Managed this 21lb 1oz Common off the surface was a epic battle.  14/09/2022.

Dan Spearman Fishing Karen's Lake.

Joined the club a couple weeks back for me and my lad to go fishing. But been smashing Karen's on my own a few evenings had a cracking day today landed 7 fish on the fly rod lost a big one think it was the lake record fish done me in the weed and lost a couple others in weed. Really impressed with the lakes for the value all the Carp I've had have all been caught off the surface.  13/09/2022

James Green Reported Fishing Karen's Lake.

Awesome few hours on Karen’s Lake today managed a 23lb 5oz Common and a 17lb 12oz Mirror well happy.  11/09/2022

Damien Babb caught this 16Ib 4oz Common fishing Karen's Lake. Caught on Mainline Essential botton bait. Well done Damien. 03/09/2022.

Neil Hewitt fishing Karen's Lake today managed to catch his new pb catching this cracking 24Ib Common off the top using dog biscuits. Congratulation Neil well deserved top angling.  01/09/2022.

Matt Streams fishing Karen's lake caught this cracking 20Ib 8oz Common off the top using a trim down popup. Well done Matt top angling.   25/08/2022

Jason Hammond been showing his skills again on Karen's Lake. Caught this nice 23Ib 8oz Common off the top using a chopped down dna slk pop up. Top angling Jason.   21/08/2022.

Great report from Jason Fern fishing Karen's Lake.

Just home from a day, night, day session on Karen’s, it’s been very hot and the fishing was hard, I had a nice mirror off the top the first morning before the wind got up but then it went quiet, was expecting the baited spots to produce overnight but I didn’t have a single bleep! Then this morning I managed to temp a couple of commons off the top before struggling in the heat again but I stuck at it and got a small mirror before the session maker, the big common made an appearance, it tipped the scales at 23lb 9oz and I was very chuffed! The place is looking lovely, thanks to everyone who has been grafting on the work parties. Top angling Jason well done.   10/08/2022.

23Ib 9oz Common

New member Alan Nettlefold reported.

1st time fishing Karen's 14lb Common off the top, personal best broken. Thank you to Steve (Baliff) who came along just in time to take a photo for me.

I'll be back!  Well done Alan  05/08/2022.

Andy Roles fished Karen's Lake, had 6 takes and landed 5 fish. Biggest was 16Ib 5oz Mirror. Well done Andy.  02/08/2022


Seb Davidson. Had an amazing day on Karen's, spending quality time with my son and making memories with a few nice Carp. 14Ib 5oz Mirror,  12Ib Mirror. 27/07/2022


Had this report sent in from James Green after spending many hours fishing Karen's Lake.

So after wanting a 20 from Karen’s for a long time today it finally happened. Had 6 in total 4 of them very small but then I landed a 21.12lb Common. Absolutely buzzing. Well done James, well deserved for the hours spent fishing Karen's. The smile on his face say's it all.  23/07/2022

Couple of fish sent in by Seb Davidson fishing Karen's Lake. Well done Seb.  20/07/2022

James Green reported. Fished Karen’s yesterday had an awesome day 9 Carp landed 4 lost plus 3 Tench for good measure. Biggest 16lb Common. Well done James top angling.  16/07/2022

New Member Barry Ireland fishing Karen's Lake reported

PB out of Karen’s yesterday at 21lb.

Had not fished for over 10 years before joining the club this year and my biggest fish before then had been about 4lb.

Completely lost my fishing confidence so thanks for all the friendly help and advice from members.  Congrats Barry on your pb top angling well done.  09/07/2022.

James Green sent in another report today fishing Karen's Lake. 3 of the best from today, 10Ib 4oz, 14Ib, 15Ib 6oz. Thanks again for report James well done.  08/07/2022.

Seb Davidson reported from this morning session on Karen's Lake.

Two off the top, the rest over sweetcorn and chickpeas using a washed out pink wafter. Fish weighed between 11lb and 16lb.  Thanks for report Seb.  05/07/2022.

There is no stopping this man James Green, he made another visit to Karen's Lake yesterday and reported catching these cracking fish. James reported the biggest weighing 13Ib 12oz's. Well done again James. The Carp seem to be feeding well since spawning. 01/07/2022.