Karen's Lake Catch Report

Seb Davidson caught this lovely Mirror  from Karen's Lake. Well done Seb.  10/05/2022.

Matt Cross fishing Karen's Lake.

36hr session on Karen's Lake, mixed collection of fish ranging from just over 10Lb to the biggest 13Lb 4 oz , all caught on either CR2 hard hookers with peach n pineapple toppers , or ultranut dumbell with crbaits pure range, for extra attraction , all fell to crushed CR 2 or ultranut boilies in haulerz pva bag .

Finally got to use the Haulerztackle VIPER X size 8 hooks, brilliantly latched in the mush .

Shame the big boys didn't fancy playing, but can't complain , till the next time . Well done Matt.   07/05/2022

Bob Hinson reported 

A few from recent visits to Karen’s 19Ib Mirror,  14Ib Mirror and 11lb Common.  well done Bob.





Jason Fern Reported fishing Karen's lake.

Had two-tone off the top today, weeded me up but I managed to get down the bank and change the angle, 15lb 10oz. Well done Jason. 06/05/2022.

Alan Jump reported from Karen's Lake

Nice couple of hours at Karen's this evening. 11Ib 12oz, 11Ib 4oz, 8Ib 4oz, and 10Ib 8oz. Had to come home. I was tired! Well done Alan.  04/05/2022.

Richard Sunman caught this 10Ib 1oz Common fishing off the top on Karen's Lake. Well done Richard.  02/05/2022.

Another for Damien Babb fishing Karen's Lake, this time lovely 10Ib 14oz Mirror, well done Damien the Lake seems to be fishing well.   02/05/2022.

I had to put this brilliant photo of both Jason Hammond and Damien Babb together. great photo lads and top angling.  02/05/2022.

Report from Jason Hammond who also been fishing Karen's Lake. Jason tempted this nice 17Ib 10oz common. Top angling again Jason.   02/05/2022

Damien Babb also been fishing Karen's Lake and reported this lovely 11Ib 2oz Mirror. well done Damien. 02/05/2022.

Jake England been fishing Karen's Lake with his girlfriend and has sent in  these photo's. Jakes Mirror weighed 10Ib 2oz. Well done both . 02/05/2022.

James Owen caught a couple of the new stock that was introduced into Karen's Lake last year. James fished part of the lake that recently had the weed removed. Well done James nice to see the new stock doing well.   30/04/2022

Jason Fern fishing Karen's Lake reported.

Had this beauty off the top today, had a look back through my photos and I think I had it on July 16th last year at 16lb 6oz, tipped the scales at 17lb 2oz today. Well done Jason top angling.   29/04/2022

Seb Davidson fishing Karen's Lake caught this cracking 21Ib Common on a recent visit. Well done Seb lovely fish.  27/04/2022

Fishing proved to be tough this weekend on Karen's Lake. James Owen managed to catch this  lovely low double Mirror. This fish is one of the new stock introduced last year. Well done James.  24/04/2022

Jason Fern had a short session on Karen's Lake today resulting in this nice low double Common. Well done Jason top angling.  21/04/2022.

Just had a great report from Jason Hammond fishing Karen's Lake over the Easter Weekend. He caught a total of 25 fish ranging from 10Ib to 17Ib 12oz. 11 fish was over 10Ib. Fantastic result top angling Jason. Most of the fish were caught on DNA SLK boilies over a bed of maxi mix Crayfish pellet and SLK pellet. Jason also had a few fish off the surface but the Canada Geese spoilt fishing off the top. Here are a few photo's of the fish caught. Thanks for great report Jason.  17/04/2022.

James Owen fishing with Matt Cross on Karen's Lake caught this nice 12Ib Common during the night. Well done James top angling.  17/04/2022.

Number 3 for Matt Cross during his Easter session, this time a nice 6Ib 2oz Mirror. Caught on Crbaits Cr2 soaked in pure sweet extra over scattering of Cr2 freebies. Top angling Matt well done.  16/04/2022.

Second fish for Matt cross this time a nice 15Ib 4oz Common. Caught again on Crbaits Ultra Nut Dumbell Wafter over a scattering of crushed Ultra Nut and Strawberry Ice Boilies. Well done Matt top angling.  15/04/2022.

Matt Cross reported nice 4am wake up call caught this cracking 15Ib 8oz Mirror in the far margins. Caught on Crbaits Ultra Nut Dumbell Wafter over corn crushed Ultra nut and Strawberry Ice boiles soaked in Syrups. Top angling Matt well done. Hopefully you will get a few more. 15/04/2022.

This is what our club is all about, father and son fishing together. Report from Chris Connaughton-Mono

Few hours surface fishing today on Karen’s with my lad. Sorry to the members that had to witness me in my pants . My lad got weeded up so there was no other option and the fish was landed safely. Great fun, George’s tomorrow for some crucians . Great photo's Chris thank you.  13/04/2022


New PB for Imogen fishing with her dad on Karen's Lake she caught this cracking 17Ib 12oz Common. Congratulations young lady on your PB. Not only did she catch her PB Imogen manged to catch this 11Ib Mirror as well, both fish fell to peaches and cream pop ups. Top angling young lady.  10/04/2022.

Just had this report from Damien Babb fishing Karen's Lake. This cracking 23Ib 6oz Common caught on Chris Connaughton - Mono secret pop up. What a cracker Damien 4oz's short of the lake record, well done top angling.  10/04/2022.

Damien Babb sent this photo of a nice 10Ib 6oz Mirror caught today at Karen's Lake. Well done Damien keep the photo's coming, good luck tonight.  10/04/2022

Wet and windy Karen's Lake  did not stop Seb Davidson from catching this lovely 10Ib Common today. Well done Seb for braving the weather.  06/04/2022

Damien Babb braved the weather conditions and done a 24hr session on Karen's Lake, resulting in catching 11Ib 6oz Common, 13Ib 10oz Common. Damien also lost one. Both fish fell to Mainline Peaches and Cream pop up inch high over matching freebies. Well done Damien not ideal conditions with this cold artic weather.   02/04/2022.

Mervyn Beal reported, decided to do 48hr session on Karen's Lake, so arrived on Tues 29th and after a walk around decided to fish peg 38. Was all quiet during the day then at 5.30pm right hand rod screamed off and landed a nice 13Ib 4oz Common. Fish fell to Cr2 bottom bait over a scattering of Cr2 and Cr strawberry ice. Thanks Jake for taking the pic. Nothing much happened on Wed caught a 3Ib Mirror. Wed night it rained most of night, then woke up Thurs morning to artic conditions, everything was frozen, lost one fish around 7am then righthand rod produced a nice 15Ib Common was well pleased what with the cold artic conditions. Fish fell to Cr2 bottom bait over scattering of Cr2. Was well pleased with my session seeing it was my first trip out since Nov 2021. I will be back for another session shortly.   31/03/2022.

Ian Parsons fishing Karen's lake, caught this hard fighting 16Ib 6oz Mirror which took him into the weed, well done Ian. Ian was using ccmoor boilie bottom bait. Well done Ian was nice to meet you.  29/03/2022.

That man Jason Hammond showing his skills again, this time a lovely 14Ib Common, well done Jason. All 3 of Jason's fish fell to using pva bags with dna mini crayfish mix and pb wafter in yellow. Top angling Jason keep up the good work, nice to know Karen's is producing some lovely fish. 27/03/2022.

Jason Hammond been having another cracking day on Karen's Lake. Two cracking Mirror Carp. Fully scaled @ 12Ib 2 oz and another @ 10Ib 4oz. Top angling again Jason well done. With one more night to go he may well be adding to his total. 26/03/2022.

Francis Hayden had his first fish from Karen's lake, this lovely 11Ib Mirror. Francis is buzzing with his first fish and is off the mark, now looking forward to catching more. Well done Francis look forward to further catches from you. 26/03/2022

Jason Hammond has mastered Karen's Lake. He has caught a total of nine fish over the weekend and still has time for more. Here are a few pics Jason has sent in. The biggest being 14Ib Common. Well done Jason top angling keep them coming.  06/03/2022.

Vincent caught this pretty 11Ib 4oz Mirror. Caught on a yellow pop up one toner PL-acid with hand full of DNA Bug Boilies over the top. Fish for the future, well done Vincent 04/03/2022.

Karen's seem to be fishing well at the moment. Nick Woodger caught this lovely scaly 13Ib 8oz Mirror. Well done Nick great pics. 06/03/2022.

Jason Hammond caught this new stock  Common. This fish was put in at 7Ib and Jason caught it at around 8Ib another fish for the future. Nice to know the fish are gaining weight. 04/03/2022

Fishing proved to be hard this weekend but Dermot Mcgeough managed this 10Ib 4oz Mirror in cold windy conditions. Dermot also caught a 12Ib 2oz Ghost Common. Well done Dermot top angling.  27/02/2022

Nathan England also decided to brave the conditions along with his mate, resulting in catching this 11Ib 4oz Common. Nathan also lost other fish. Well done Nathan in ideal Carp fishing weather. 19/02/2022.

Calm after the storm. Jason Hammond decided to brave the conditions and was rewarded with this lovely 18Ib 2oz Common caught in the margins. Jason lost other fish as well, well done Jason top angling. 19/02/2022.

James Green also braved the wet and windy conditions, resulting in this lovely long 15Ib Mirror. James fished helicopter rig with single hook bait over a scattering of pellets. Well done James. 13/02/2022.

James Owen also braved the weather along with Matt Cross and was rewarded with this cracking 18Ib 2oz Mirror. Fishing tight to the margins. It fell to White 10mm Sticky Krill popup on a Ronnie Rig, over a bed of Hemp and Krill ground bait with chopped CR2, chopped 15mm mainline essential IB 20mm halibut pellet, 8mm & 4mm coarse pellet mixed in with Krill & Tuna Oil. Excellent report James. This fish has put on 3Ib in weight since May 2021. PS like the bobble hat. 13/02/2022

Matt Cross braved the weather and caught this lovely 11Ib 4oz Common using a Krill Dumbell topped with corn. Well done Matt for braving the heavy rain and strong winds, well rewarded. 13/02/2022

New member Nick Woodger caught this nice 13Ib Mirror in wet and windy conditions. Fish fell to DNA Bug Boilie, coated in fruit smart liquid over a bed of Bug Boilies and Robin Red Pellet in the margins. Well done Nick top angling. 06/02/2022

First session back for Ashley Pennington, he could not believe his luck within 2hrs he was rewarded with this lovely Common of 16Ib. well done Ashley. 26/01/2022

New club member Aaron Jones had a great first session on Karens lake, landed 2 fish and lost 3. Biggest was a Common of 21Ib 4oz and also a Common of 13Ib 10. Both fish were caught on a large bed of pellet and Spabaits FSB boilie, remix secret wafter hookbait. 07/06/2021

Mervyn Beal caught this hard fighting 15Ib Mirror back in May 2021. Caught on Crbaits 18mm CR2 bottom bait fishing the margins over a scattering of CR2 crumb

Few more catches reported by Mervyn Beal back in the summer of 2021. Low double Mirror's all caught in the margins using Crbaits CR2 18mm bottom baits. The margins fish well if you sit back and remain quiet. Hopefully these fish will grow on to become 20Ib fish in the future.

Report from Martin Oreilly from Sept 2021. Caught the lake record a 23Ib 3oz Common during the night on a Robin Red Pellet over a scattering of Robin Red Pellets. Good angling Martin.

Somemore catches reported by Martin Oreilly during summer of 2021. All caught from the margins in warmer weather using  Robin Red Boilies over scattering Robin Red Pellet. Well done Martin thanks for report.

Karen's lake secretary Jake England had a double take before Xmas 2021 landing both fish. Mirror Carp 14Ib Common Carp  20Ib 10. Both fish caught on One Toner's PI-acid popups. Well done Jake top angling.

Andy Clarke sent in some catches from 2021. 19Ib Common Carp caught on Strawberry Snowman. 21Ib 8 Common Carp caught on Bread and a low double Mirror caught on Scopex Boilie. Well done Andy some great catches.

Club member James Green sent in  this report of catches from 2021. Common Carp were 16Ib & 18Ib the other two were low Doubles. all caught using pva bags. Well done James thanks for report.

Club member Chris Connaughton-Mono sent in this Lovely family photo. Mirror caught off the top. Thanks Chris great Photo. Nice to see happy smiling faces.