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Midweek Evening Series 2024.

Bideford and District Angling Club Evening Competition No. 6


1st Roger Ackroyd 43lb 2oz

2nd Nathan Underwood 40lb 4oz

3rd Craig Crash Lamey 39lb 8oz

4th Kevin Shears 22lb 5oz

5th Martin Turner 21lb 11oz

11 fished.

Our members were treated to a beautiful midsummer evening, and the top three had a very close battle, Roger came out on top on peg 19, he fished with a long pole to the island shallow with pellets.

Nathan has done his thing with paste off peg 16 for second place.

Craig has fished in the corner on peg 13, shallow with pellets for a very close third spot.

Bideford and District Angling Club Evening Competition No 5

Results. :

1st Nathan Underwood 24lb 8oz

2nd Ian Croxton 24,lb

3rd Craig Crash Lamey 23lb

4th Mike Snudden 17lb 14oz

5th Les Polden 17lb 4oz

16 members fished.

At the midway point of our summer league we were treated to a warmish, less breezy evening.

Nathan has once again performed his paste on the pole trick for yet another victory off of peg 9.

Ian, on peg 6, was a close second on 24lb,  and Craig, not far behind in third on peg 1 with 23lb .

Bideford and District Angling Club Evening Competition No. 4


1st Nathan Underwood 38lb 1oz

2nd Kevin Shears 33lb

3rd Thomas Scott 22lb 5oz

4th Ian Croxton 20lb 8oz

5th Les Polden 19lb 9oz

18 members fished

Pleasant conditions, warm but a sneaky North Westerly breeze, for this the fourth in the series.

That man Nathan on peg 9 has made it 3 on the bounce, with another victory, paste on the pole the winning technique.

Kevin on peg 1 has fished towards peg 26 again on pole and paste for second on the night.

Youngster, Thomas has made a welcome return and managed third spot on peg 13.

The Cornish Brummie settled for fourth.

Bideford and District Angling Club Evening competition No. 3


1st Nathan Underwood 33lb

2nd Richard Jefferies 29lb 15oz

3rd Stace N Dazza Polden 26lb 7oz

4th Keith Mountjoy 22lb 11oz

5th Martin Turner 22lb 10oz

6th Roger Ackroyd 22lb 5oz

18 members fished.

The 3rd match in the 10 match series was fished in reasonable conditions, a brisk westerly and warmish evening led to another close competition..

Out of the 18 numbers in the draw bag Nathan has again drawn peg 13 !

He fished with paste over pellets in the margins for his second victory of the series.

Richard has drawn the adjacent peg 12 and fished in a similar fashion for the second spot.

Darren has had a couple of larger fish and some skimmers for third off peg 3 .

BDAC Midweek evening series No 2


1st Nathan Underwood 34 lb 9oz

2nd David Bailey 24lb

3rd Mike Snudden 23 lb 10oz

4th Craig Crash Lamey 20lb 11oz

5th Stace N Dazza Polden 18lb 8oz

14 members fished.

A rather damp evening proved tough going for some, Nathan has bounced back to form with a convincing victory from peg 13 , paste fished into the weed bed was his chosen tactic.

David has made a successful return with a lovely net of mainly silver fish on maggot from peg 8 for 2nd spot.

Mike has caught on worms on the pole on peg 5 for 3rd place.

BDAC Midweek Evening Competition No1


1st Martin Turner 21lb 5oz

2nd Rhys Eyles 17lb 7oz

3rd Kevin Shears 15lb 11oz

4th Ian Croxton 12lb 10oz

13 members fished.

The first match of our summer evening series was fished in a brisk Southerly breeze and warm sunshine meaning tricky conditions for some of the competitors.

The top 3 weights all came from the right hand bank

Martin won with 2 small Carp and a good net of mainly Tench, taken on paste and worm on peg 16.

Rhys drew peg 19 and had some better Carp on the long pole for second place.

Kevin ,on the adjoining peg 18, took third place , shallow maggot on the pole was his choice.

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