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Coarse Comp Results 2024

Bideford and District Angling Club

Monthly competition


1st John Lisle 45lb 13oz

2nd Craig Crash Lamey 40lb 13oz

3rd Les Polden 39 lb 14oz

4th Steve Johnson 37lb 4oz

5th Stace N Dazza Polden 37lb 4oz

6th Roger Ackroyd 29lb 5oz

16 members fished.

John has drawn peg 16 and fished worm over micros on a long pole for victory in this, the halfway match of our year long league.

Craig, opposite, on peg 12 has fished sweetcorn with a short pole for second place.

Birthday " boy" Les has had a cracking mixed bag also on corn on the pole for third spot.

Steve on peg 6 has finished fourth using hard pellets.

A cold North Westerly took the edge of, an otherwise bright dry day, despite this, almost 450lb of fish were brought to the scales.

Current League Positions.

Bideford and District Angling Club

Monthly coarse section competition


1st Nathan Underwood 35lb 9oz

2nd Paul Elworthy 28lb

3rd Craig Crash Lamey 27lb 9oz

4th Richard Jefferies 27lb 6oz

5th Martin Turner 24lb 14oz

6th Colin Carolyn Cherrington 24lb 11oz

The May monthly competition saw 21 of our members attending Georges lake. Conditions were hot with a westerly breeze blowing up towards the shallower pegs.

Our current league leader Nathan has drawn peg 1 and extended his lead with another victory. He has used paste on the pole in the weed bed for a mostly Carp net.

Paul has fished the long pole with double red maggot on peg 16 for a nice net of mainly Skimmer Bream, for second place.

Bailiff Craig has come in third spot from peg 12.

After a late start from the peg he didn't fancy, 20, committee member Richard has fished pellets over to the island for 4th.

Our next match is this Wednesday draw 5 to 5:30pm fish 6,till 9.

Bideford and District Angling Club

Coarse section monthly competition


1st Keith Copland 59 lb 13oz

2nd Nathan Underwood 32lb 6oz

3rd Stace N Dazza Polden 28lb 15oz

4th Stephen Paul Sheller 27lb 8oz

5th Martin Turner 25lb 2oz

6th Rhys Eyles 24lb 10oz

21 members fished.

George's lake was the venue for our April competition, the sun shone and the birds sang ! Spring has finally sprung after a very wet period.

Committee member, Keith sat on peg 12 and fished the pole with corn over micros and caught a great net of mainly Carp

Second spot went to, league leader, Nathan on peg 9

with another net of Carp, this time on paste on the pole.

Darren moves up to 8th place in the year long league

with his third place mixed net on peg 21.

Stephen boosted his mixed bag, off peg 4, with a good Carp to take fourth place. His catch fell mainly to soft pellets and micros.

Bideford and District Angling Club. Monthly Coarse Section Competition Tarka Swims


1st Nathan Underwood 58lb 3oz

2nd Craig Crash Lamey 48lb 2oz

3rd Stace N Dazza Polden 42lb 8oz

4th Keith Mountjoy 38lb 14oz

5th Paul Elworthy 32lb 7oz

6th Ian Croxton 31lb 13oz

19 members fished.

Our matchmen enjoy another great match on George's lake, with almost 400lb of fish weighed in, an average of 23lb a man.

The competition was fished in typical early spring conditions, warm start and a short sharp shower later.

Last year's champion Nathan drew peg 14 and employed pellet waggler tactics, out towards the cage for his first win of the new season.

Craig has run him close with a very impressive net of mainly skimmer bream on peg 9 for second overall.

Darren on peg 12 has had a similar, pole caught net for 3rd place.

The current top 3 league positions are Nathan, Kevin, Colin .

Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Monthly Competition


1st Kevin Shears 39lb 2oz

2nd Nathan Underwood 31lb 9oz

3rd John Lisle 22lb 1oz

4th Martin Turner 19lb 14oz

5th Colin Cherrington 17lb 6oz

6th Richard Dennis 12lb 13oz

22 members fished.

A cold north westerly breeze blowing up towards the shallows greeted the competitors for this, the second match of our year-long league.

The old order was restored with the Kevin and Nathan show.!

Kev's drawn peg 15, one of the more sheltered spots, and pole fished maggots and sweetcorn hook baits for a clear victory, Nathan, defending league champion, has fished on peg 9, for second spot.

John, nextdoor on 10 was third.

Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Monthly Competition


1st Stephen Paul Sheller 44lb 11oz

2nd Martin Turner 31lb 10oz

3rd Paul Elworthy 25lb 13oz

4th Craig Crash Lamey 22lb 12oz

5th Keith Mountjoy 21lb 7oz

6th Colin Cherrington 14lb 10oz

Today, we welcomed in the new season with our first competition on George's lake, Tarka Swims.

Typical winter conditions prevailed, cold and sleety showers, greeted the 20 members who booked in and braved the elements.

The winner, Stephen has found some large carp on peg 10 on the pole, pegging back the early lead set by Martin and Keith on the opposite side of the lake.

Martin, on peg 17, settled for the second spot using bomb and bread tactics.

Paul had some larger Carp on peg 18 on the feeder with maggot for 3rd.

The shallower section was won by Warren Thornton

with a fine near double figure carp.

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