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Sea Section Comp Results 2024

February 48 hour Results

Nothing weighed.

Next competition monthly rover March 3rd

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February Rover Results

1st Phil Vanstone Dab 15oz 93.750%

2nd Stephen Found Dog 2lb 5 77.038%

3rd Graham Snow thick lipped Mullet 2lb 14 1/2 72.265%

Well done guys tough conditions today.

Next Comp Feb 48hr 16th 17th 18th

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Bidefords End of Season Competition Results

1st Nathan Clements Smalleyed Ray 10lb 4 1/2 114.236%

2nd Nathan Clements Conger 14lb 0 1/4 70.078%

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January 48-hour Results

1 fish weighed 

1st Paul Ackland Dog 2lb 2 70.833%

Next Comp End Of Season 26th, 27th,28th Jan.

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January Rover Results

1st Julien Stainer Bull Huss 9lb 5 93.125%

2nd Nathan Clements Bull Huss 8lb 10 1/2 86.562

3rd Paul Ackland Dog 2lb 7 81.250%

4th Nathan Clements Bull Huss 7lb 13 1/2 79.437%

Well done guys.

Next Comp 48hr. 19th, 20th, 21st Jan.

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