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Coarse Section Match Results 2023

Coarse Section Monthly Competition May Results Tarka Swims:

1st Nathan Underwood 36lb 4oz

Joint 2nd Warren Thornton 28lb 12oz

2nd Kevin Shears 28lb 12oz

4th Roger Ackroyd 25lb 1/2oz

5th Colin Cherrington 23lb 6oz

6th Stephen Craker 22lb 10oz

21anglers fished this event

Another beautiful spring day saw our regular matchmen gather for our 5th monthly competition.

Our league leader Nathan made no mistakes on the golden peg, 20, for an emphatic win with a long pole over to the island, using maggot over pellets.

Warren and Kevin tied for 2nd spot. Warren on 22 fished a method feeder, Kevin on peg 1 fished the pole.

The shallower pegs seem to have dominated this month's results.

We look forward to the start of our midweek evening series beginning this Wednesday.

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April Monthly Coarse Section Competition.

Results Tarka Swims.

1st Paul Elworthy 40lb 7oz

2nd Nathan Underwood 28lb 11oz

3rd Keith Copland 27lb 4oz

4th Stace N Dazza Polden 25lb 3oz

5th Craig Crash Lamey 23lb 15oz

6th Colin Carolyn Cherrington 23lb 9oz

7th Roger Ackroyd 21lb 3oz

24 club members fished.

The club lake has fished well, despite the Easter weather. Brisk Southerly winds ensured that the pegs on the left hand side of Georges produced the main frame results.

Paul's trip up the link road from Tiverton proved profitable, he topped the field with a cracking mixed net off peg 6 ,fishing red maggot on the waggler and pole Nathan, once again, put a great net together on peg 11 fishing maggot on a short pole.

Keith made up the top 3 with mainly carp on 12 , he used bread then maggot over micros.

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March Monthly Coarse Section Competition Results Tarka Swims.

BDAC Monthly Coarse Section Competition Results:

1st Nathan Underwood 34lb 7oz

2nd Dave Wood 25lb 14oz

3rd Keith Mountjoy 24lb 3oz

4th Kevin Shears 23lb 5oz

5th Paul Elworthy 22lb 4oz

6th John Lisle 19lb 6oz

7th Graham Currington 18lb 1oz

19 fished

Another very close match was enjoyed by most, the weather was mild and dry until the last hour.

The ropes off, ensured that a variety of techniques were able to be used, despite this the pole has dominated.

Last year's winner Nathan moved into first position in the league with a convincing victory on peg 9, pole fished bread in the margins has accounted for a fine net of carp. Dave has fished similarly for second spot on peg 13.

Committee member Keith has fished with soft pellet on the long pole in open water on peg 6 for third and a section win.

Kevin's fourth position was mainly silver fish on maggot off peg 10.

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February Monthly Coarse Section Competition Results Tarka Swims.

1st Martin Turner 39lb 7oz

2nd Dave Wood 19lb 5oz

3rd Nathan Underwood 16lb 13oz

4th Paul Elworthy 14lb 12oz

5th Stace N Dazza Polden 13lb 14oz

6th Steve Johnson 10lb 10oz

22 club members fished this, the second round of our year-long series.

Conditions, although dry and bright, were quite chilly in the South south Easterly stiff breeze.

Martin, BDAC. coarse section match secretary, drew the corner peg 13, and fished a short pole with 6mm bread punch, for victory.

Our new member, Dave, took second place in his first Bideford match with another short pole catch this time using yellow fuka bait on peg 9.

Mr. Consistent Nathan came in third with a couple of late carp on maggot over groundbait from peg 10.

Tiverton veteran Paul, on peg 17 landed a pole caught net of smaller fish on maggot for a well earned section and 4th spot this puts him in pole position in the league on 24 points.

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January Monthly Coarse Section

Competition Results:

Tarka Swims:

1st Kevin Shears 14lb 15oz

2nd Warren Thornton 14lb 3oz

3rd Les Polden 13lb

4th Paul Elworthy 12lb 11oz

5th Keith Mountjoy 9lb 9oz

6th Nathan Underwood 7lb 8oz

7th Antony Bentley 6lb 6oz

Our first competition of the year was well attended, with 21 anglers braving the weather.

Conditions were colder than recently, with heavy showers, George's Lake has fished hard, although Roach have fed all over., and top weights close.

Kevin has put together a lovely net, of mainly silver fish, for victory on peg 19 using pole and maggots.

Warren 2nd place, on peg 13, was also a pole fished maggot catch, including several smaller Carp.

Les finished in third spot, and won his section.

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